A few Ultimate Combos remain

Orchid, Spinal, Kan-Ra, Omen, Cinder, Kim Wu, Gargos, Eyedol, Shin Hisako & Eagle remain with no ultimates of yet.

When will they be dated to have them? And how do you picture their ultimates?


As of right now they will most likely not get an Ultimate. Its was announced 15 characters will get an Ultimate a while back, as for the rest…no info.


And of course, no official announcements either

*sighs deeply*


I’m disappointed by this. Was always looking forward to seeing what Kim wu’s and spinal would be ever since the first ultimate was shown. Im kinda shocked that the boss characters didn’t get one either. Would have bet on them being in the monster pack for sure.

Although I will be forever disappointed that we only get 15 from packs, I’m also not expecting any more so I can enjoy the game with what we have.


Doesn’t mean they won’t get one. Just means the devs haven’t said they will at the current time. Basically, in the words of @Rukizzel, “stay tuned”.


No gore Ultimates, and I won’t propose bloody ones. Very very basic stuff trying to use things the characters have:

*Orchid: Instinct activation effect, acrobatic kicks and similar (like a combo) camera changes angle and she juggles the opponent and then a tiger jumps over the camera for the final blow.

*Spinal: swing his sword and hits you with three or two teleports, last hit with his sword (or the bone hand) juggles the opponent who falls in a green smoke with skeleton hands that take the rival down to limbo. Spinals laugh, of course.

  • Kan-Ra: Using his bandages, or his summon power to put the chacarters into a sand coffin. Or using a tornado to make the character fly into the air while thei spin very fast and end that with the sand in some way.

  • Omen: Something with orbs and demonic despair. Maybe the orbs could electrify the opponent and then Omen finish it with a demonic despair. Would love it to look cool.

  • Cinder: Launching the rival and using trailblazer to take him/her through the air (or a combination of hits taking the character higher) then recapture go down again and explode (fire column, or fire effect). Cinder making a funny remark after it.

  • Kim Wu: Some gesture like (here we go!) and then she have some dragons spirits around her when using her flashy kicks. Then she send the dragons with her nunchakus and the dragons finish the rival (not violently, but like an explosion of light, similar to Hisako’s effect).

  • Gargos: Minions are sommoned and dance around a dizzy rival while Gargos laugh.
    Nah, seriously: something involving portal punches and sending the rival to another dimension (boring XD? )

  • Eyedol: He uses the power of Grayskull


I’m guessing if we do get the rest of the cast we won’t hear about it until they’re really close to being done.

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If they give Kim Wu an utlimate, they better give’em some k-pop aegyo in it!

All I want is for raam to stab someone slowly in the gut and then deliver a slow, menacing curb stomp on the opponents face.

So pretty much the way he kills lieutenant Kim in gears 1 in that he’d walk up to his opponent grab them by the neck and proceed to stab them while staring into their face before tossing them aside and walking away.


If Gargos won’t receive an Ultimate. Nothing would make sense cause HE IS THE SHADOWLORD, he is IG Trademark now, and i know deep in them… They wanna give them all ultimates, because they dont want to dissapoint their fans. No wait… KIs fans.

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Gargos? Easy…fling 'em through a portal and let them fall back to Earth from orbit.
He’s even already got all the assets to make it happen.


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Don’t forget about Raam, Rash, Arbiter! If I had a guess, if they ever did another pack, it would be a Boss/Guest Pack, with those 3 and Eyedol/Gargos…