A few suggestions for assisting visually impaired players

These come from recent sets that I’ve played with people like @RGLOfficial:

  • Timer countdown This could be a toggle to count the last 5 seconds of a match.
  • Online stat tracking. I've said about this rom as far back as I can remember on these forums. It would provide an insentive for players with no vision or who can't read the stats to carry on levelling up and playing, even if it's just to see how well they're doing with defensive play, shadow counters, counter breakers, etc. This could be done via allowing gamers to sign up with their gamertag and password to see the stats that are displayed in the player's characters. If this doesn't make sense, I'll be happy to try and clarify how it would work.
  • Audio skins/extra unlockable music/ambience etc. This would allow more players to get enjoyment out of using Ki gold etc to unlock music to use on stages, audio redesigns for characters/specific moves and make unlocking items worth something.

If I think of anything else I@ll throw it in here.

One problem.

Isn’t it hard enough learning the sounds that every move makes?

If you made extra unlockable move sounds, then new players would have to learn EVERY move sound, then unlock EVERY alternate move sound, then learn ALL the alternate sounds, and then in a match, they would have to first learn which sounds their opponent is using before they could even begin to defend themselves. That’s a lot of work for someone who already has a “disadvantage”.

Hard at first yeah, but visually impared players would learn them all eventually. Things like a countdown for the last 10 seconds won’t take away from the overall knowledge of the player.

It wouldn’t be that bad, as it wouldn’t be that hard with Fulgore, for instance, to see that the new helicopter sound was the blade dash, or that the different “pew pew” sound is the new eye laser effect. It’d be tricky at first but it would add so much depth to the game and make mirror matches even more interesting.