A Dirty, Dirty Eyedol v Eyedol Set

I had this first-to-two set in ranked the other day. Eyedol hasn’t had his nerfs, yet, so this mirror match got really messy and I thought I’d post it, here, for the community’s viewing pleasure (or nausea inducement). In this star-studded performance, we see appearances from crowd favorites like jHP, light DP, and lightning-teleport-combo. Taunting even has a cameo appearance.

Anyway, enjoy :slight_smile: This mirror match is likely to become a little cleaner after waves one and two of adjustments hit him.

I had to stop watching because of boring it was. There was no variety! I t saddens me when a character with so many great tools only uses 1 or 2 because of how OP it is. It makes for less exciting, and often more predictable matches.

Yeah, jHP and his light DP are so freaking good, they make his grounded normals look stubby and slow (sHP is kind of stubby considering its 8-frame startup, but sMP is a great button at 5-frame startup). The recapture is also a great move, but it requires some reading before it’s useful. Taking someone out of the sky as a rushdown character is gold, but the move’s startup is pretty long, so you usually have to execute it as the opponent is leaving the ground.

That being said, I think even after he’s adjusted, the ground-bounce, launcher, recapture loop will still be a huge part of his playstyle. So many moves feed into that loop that it seems like they designed Eyedol’s warrior half to be a juggle-recapture character.