A COG is needed for the roster

Agustus CoLe with the lancer and Gnasher

Maybe add skorge too :slight_smile:

If they were to put one COG in there then Cole would definitely be best pick. Although a new Carmine might be even better.

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One guest per franchise, please. If we’re going to get more guests, I’d prefer we get something that hasn’t already been covered.


Definitely agree, either cole train or a new carmine would be the best fit. But I also agree that we shouldn’t have multiple guest’s from one series.



There’s a reason RAAM and Arbiter made it in over the more popular protagonists like Master Chief, Marcus, and the rest of Delta. They’re all just soldiers without much to work with aside from gunplay.

If another Gears character were to make it, Skorge would probably be the best one. He has much more potential with his arsenal than regular soldiers do.

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But but

I feel like the humans of Gears of War would be a terrible fit aesthetically.

The monsters like RAAM kinda fit because they’re monsters but the humans… Not so much, giant steroid pumping, beefcake man tanks would look so out of place in KI.