A change to Hisako's Ultra

Don’t know if it’s the right place for this, but here goes.

I’d like to suggest that Hisako’s input for her Ultra be changed to QCF instead of QCB. I myself along with a few other HIsako players have encountered problems with this input, as more often than not we end up getting Shadow Possession. Not really bad in a huge combo, but when you do a quick punish opener into auto-double set up her Ultra, it can get frustrating to see Shadow Possession come out, leaving her opponent with a Magic pixel.

Well, I think when this happen is because somehow the combo has been dropped. But it sometimes act weird. Today while my opponent were in danger I got the shadow possession ender.

What I’m really annoyed about is when Hisako land a “catch counter” in place of my ultra ender.

I don’t think changing the input will resolve the problem :confused:

I usually make sure I’m in a meaty combo first, her linkers are tricky and she can easily drop a combo if it’s not calculated. She’s a thinkers KI girl