A bittersweet love letter

Dear Killer Instinct,

Nostalgia and excitement these were the first feelings I had when you came back in to my life. I remembered the love and happiness of our first encounter. The music, gameplay, style, and character of KI struck me like a thunderbolt. My veins and nervous system were engulfed in lightning. Every nerve raw and exposed in my body. As I watched the KI trailer my dead fighting game warrior was resurrected from ash and reentered the world with a deafening “EFF Yeah”!
Satisfaction and anticipation flooded my senses as if reuniting with an old flame. I was overpowered by the original KI formula that had been cranked to eleven and seared itself in to the next gen landscape. C-C-C-Combo breaker belt forth from my house at all hours of the day. I drove home to play KI like a teenager who calls his girlfriend when he just saw her at school just to hear her voice.
Despair and hope my mind was at odds with itself after the news of Amazon buying Double Helix. I was desperate and distraught scouring the internet for signs of life. I was physically shaken he Microsoft pledged its support for KI. I looked in to Iron Galaxy to find if KI was in the right hands. It was hard to trust them with something I loved but, I had no choice. I was amazed at some of the things they created. I was also upset that they had changed so much. This marked the beginning of me losing that KI feeling.
Hype and Death is what was left of my love. My exhilaration was immeasurable when I heard news of a new season of KI. Waiting to see long time favorites Kim and Tusk. But, happiness fled and my heart was wretched from my chest. My inner FGC warrior cries out in sorrow and anger. A shift in what made KI great had started last season. Too much has changed for me to keep going through the motions.


Change is inevitable ; evolve or die.

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You saw Kim Wu. Evolve or doe. The choice is yours.

Drama queen much?

Don’t be blinded by nostalgia.

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Why so melodramatic? I understand you have passion for the series, as do I, but this seems a bit much.
The game has evolved, for the better. Hell, the season one guys are still here (Jago, etc…)

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Arrivederci friend, we probably won’t remember you.

I didn’t even know who he was in the first place.