A "Best of Series"

Title says it all. I seen Yoga Flame, The Beast do similar videos of great players on SF but rarely do I see these types of videos for Killer Instinct. What does the community think?

Also, new here! Hi, everyone.

I have no idea what this is, it would be helpful to elaborate on this topic or even include a video.

@oTigerSpirit The BEAST is a YouTube that Specializes in Street Fighter Videos. He focuses on the Tourney players, online and offline. So if you are a Major Tourney player with a lot of matches, he would make a compilation vid of you and your matches. So imagine like a big shoutout and highlight video, all in one. But he doesn’t have any KI content on his channel.

CORRECTION: He has a Few, but mostly SF.

One of the Videos!

EDIT: Doesn’t work anymore. He DELETED IT! :scream:

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Thanks for posting this Ninja

No problem. Now, I want to see you in one of these vids. MAKE IT HAPPEN LOL

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Any chance he can be contacted via Twitter? Maybe if enough people suggest, we can persuade him to start something.

He might, you could probably contact him through YouTube. He has KI Videos, but not much. It’s mostly SF & MKX.

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