8Bit Beatdown Today

After about a month long period of being kept away from KI (and stll continuing for longer after today), Im trying the 8BBD for fun.

Where are the brackets? I understand the main site is down.

Where is the page full of the requirements? I remember i need to send a friend request to someone, but i cant remember who, or when.

(Of course, any discussions may ensue in the thread. This is not just for me, but for anyone feeling social about the tournament today.)

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Turns out patience is key.

everythings solved.

Good luck!

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Good luck @ZDhome.

I used to participate in 8BBD and managed to get a few matches on stream a few times, but I decided to stop participating. Taking up my whole afternoon waiting for matches just to lose on stream? Sorry, not worth it for me.

Hope you have fun, man.

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Dude you’re really good though, you could go all the way.

I probably could. Maybe whenever I don’t have much homework over a weekend.

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