8Bit Beatdown questions

First off, let me say that I am extremely happy that 8Bit Beatdown is coming back. I will be watching it religiously, just please keep uploading to YouTube after the broadcast is done (so much easier to watch there, especially across different devices). I was hoping to maybe compete this time around, but being in the EU it’s probably going to be hard. Still, I wanted to check… and there’s no info on the webpage as to when the tournament actually starts on the third (the link on the page that says: “Next 8BBD (…)” is an empty link, doesn’t take you anywhere).

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It starts at 2pm EST. Idk what that converts to where you are.


Cool, that kind of works out (8pm here). How long does it usually last? Never watched it live.

Usually it lasted until 8 EST.

2 am… well, it’s not like I’ll be making it all the way to the finals anyway. :wink: Thanks.

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So there is no region lock (US, EU or Asia) for the 8BB? Thats awesome.

I mean the netcode in KI is excellent, i played against players from USW from EU with no lag, but if you have people playing on Wi-Fi or a really slow connection there might be some lag. Is there anything they do to try to prevent that?

Anyway if there are no restricitons for EU participants i will sign up for sure.

If there are too many disconnections you will be disqualified.

Alright sounds reasonable. Thanks for that info. I guess i’m gonna sign up for it then, since my connection is pretty good and stable.


I was wondering what happened to these. Season 3 has me more hype than ever to watch these.

Just had on on the 10th a few days ago, next one is on the 24th iirc

www.8BitBeatdown.com has schedule