8 Bit Beatdown Highlights from Week 33

Another week, and another set of 8 Bit Beatdown highlights for you to consume.

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I had no idea her Maya was so good! :scream:

I might start enjoying it again if i wasn’t banned from chat on twitch.

How on earth could you possibly be banned from chat on Twitch!? People get away with saying the dumbest things on there, which is exactly the reason why I avoid the chat altogether and just watch the stream(s) instead. You know what, forget I asked - I don’t want to know…

Ha i’m totally with you. It happened on one of the first 8BBD and it still doesn’t sit right with me. Basically he did an interview with Keits and told him that hes got a folder of pre production for a game he’s working on. The game is a fighting game with all horror movie characters (awesome i know, we all want that.) Keits made a joke and said good luck with that. The guy also said he was going to buy the rights to these characters so i made a joke and said you might as well scrap that. Put it in the bin. Something that obviously touched a nerve and he said. Right that it’s Hudson i’ve had enough of you and i’ve been permanently banned ever since :frowning: I was there from the beginning man, Talk about abusing power.

Bit overkill right? People in chat were like wait? what did he do? Anyways. Sad times. Cool story Huh?