4000 points for 3 combats. Ranked fails?confirmed piratage! UPDATE 10may 17

Hi @developers i dont know if its a bug or not but how is it possible to get 4000 points for only 3 combats.
some ideas? it could be possible if at least he beat the first on rank , but the first does not even have 10 000 point for give 1000 k at each loses, so where this free points come from?

see screenshot for more details

@Infilament any ideas?

UPDATE 10 may 2017 5 pm

here i got him once again, now hes number 1 with only 6 wins and 6-0 arbiter last ten , ahhahaha

I think it depends how far up on the food chain your opponent is, so to speak.

Based on an opponent’s current leaderboard placing, you may earn more points than usual, though you bring up a good point in that 4000 points in 3 fights seems like a very big anomaly.

However, more than one discussion has been brought up about how the current ranked system deserves an overhaul or outright needs replacing, this could be another highlight as to how the system may not be functioning as intended.

If you fought against some of the top players, like all those in the current running for pro stars, you could very well have at least earned a pretty sizeable amount of points. The system does have a scale for awarding points based on the caliber of opponent you fight.

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It’s totally doable. If he randomly hopped in and beat the number one guy three times in a row then he’d easily have that many points. And would you look at that, the number one guy recently lost three games.

The ones I wonder about are the people that are in the top 32 and have no wins or losses, but still habe a few thousand points.

I’ve beat the top 3 guys (that’s me, number 9 in the OP screenshot) and the most I’ve gotten is 400 points

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The most you can ever get from any single win in Ranked is 1000 points. It caps off there, no matter how many points the guy you beat had.


I checked his profile…
1 DAY KI damnit…Tell me how he can have som much points in a few matchs…


lol lol i just checked it too this guy is Cheating the game AF ahahhah

@rukizzel @TheKeits @developers can the team bring back some respect to the ranking rules please .
its obvious this guy need to be punish.
hes showing 0 respect to that game by doin this.


Yeah, it’s pretty obvious cheating now. The higher you go, the fewer points you get and anyone below you should only give 50 points per win.

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Boubou does not deserve 1st place so its not all for the bad ya know.

You are just all jealous of x2358075090whatever mad skillz


MFW reading this s*it

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But in all seriousness, this â– â– â– â–  is why the hell I stray from Ranked. Cheaters EVERYWHERE

What is funny is that IG made sure people wouldn’t cheat to get into killer rank by “not allowing you to block players”. I would like them to put as much effort into stopping this fake point crap as they did blocking players.

What does make you believe they are not doing it already?

There have been months were people got stars without deserving it, and it was corrected

The month ends and then the game says that after revision you will get your star. But if you cheat you will not be awarded.

You (generic you, not you particularly) seem too concerned about this people. If this guy cheated, report it via ingame (just go to the leaderboards and click on him), and if he cheated, he will be punished.

If he didn’t cheated(which I doubt), he wouldn’t.

Don’t take devs’ silence as if they ignore this. Give them time

I refuse to play Ranked (exc. 1 match a month to keep Killer Tier) until things like this are solved.

I am not saying they need to prove to me that they are doing something to a player, but a nice message stating that players that are caught will be dealt with. Just a little message to discourage players from this kind of stunt in the first place.

Yes I am aware that the star issue was fixed quick, but for some reason players make it to the top 10 without playing a single match. This has happened almost “if not every” month sense the rank system was changed. This was going on before S3 even started. So yes part of me wonders if they aren’t worried about it, or if they are ok with it because it is just a small amount of players doing it.

Now if these are developer accounts for testing, then in would be fine with it.

That’s not cheaters, that’s just a bug that affects some people. You can find it in the character leaderboard as well, people will have no win ratio.