4/17 KI Pro League Community Recap by CStyles

Missed viewing the event, read the highlights here: http://www.ultra-combo.com/killer-instinct-pro-league-417-community-recap/

Discuss below.

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Good stuff. Any chance of putting up the Top 16 on the 8BBD YouTube channel? Or any other channel for that matter?

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Oh cool! I actually learned a lot from that. For example, I wasn’t sure what it was we were fighting for (points to go to the WC), and I didn’t realize it’s a monthly thing. I’ll definitely be competing each month just to see how I do. :slight_smile:

Hope everyone enjoyed the tournament from yesterday. It was super fun to compete in and I encourage everyone to give it a try, even if it’s just for the experience!

I’m sure it will get up on yt soon enough.

Man, shout out to @BHThompxson! I love seeing high level Jago play, and Thompson was killing it yesterday. Good stuff!

Yes, awesome stuff from Thompson!
Why go to Fulgore, though? (honest question)

Thanks for making this post and posting it as News. I hope you guys continue to update tournament content like this. Finding result information could be frustrating at times. Great work, this is much appreciated.

PSA: Top 8 is up on YouTube at One Six Studios.