3Dsmax Metal ripping door-inspired by Riptor

Something I made thanks to a tutorial on youtube. While I guess it’s not directly KI related it was somewhat inspired by the idea of Riptor just ripping through a metal door or something.

If this is indeed off-topic I can understand it being moved to “off-topic” Hope you guys enjoy this little snippet.

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Imagine if this was the Riptor trailer.

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Or a teaser

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3DS MAX!!!

I used this in my Game Design Class back in High School. Man I miss it! Good stuff dude!

Every animation on my youtube is made with it :3

It’s a wonderful program! Glad to see it still being used, with great animations too!

Alot of KI fan related animations that were posted back on the old forums were also made with the program : > though I’m sure today I can probably animated a bit better than I did 2 years ago. lol

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