3 years left for Earth on climate change

This is quite shocking and surprising as well as intriguing and life-changing even I would say, don’t you think?

Complete BS. Remember when they called it “Global Warming”? And now it’s “Climate Change” because their previous predictions made two decades ago failed to become reality. Recent data shows the polar icecaps having the most ice ever recorded last Winter. This is all part of a global government plan to end national sovereignty and syphon money from the middle class (Agenda 21).

The sun goes through cycles which affects the Earth’s climate more than anything people do.

Besides, if people really buy into all this “CO2 kills the environment” nonsense, the best thing they could do is switch to a plant-based vegan diet since livestock produces more CO2 than all of the traffic in the world combined.

The inherit problem is that climate change will happen no matter what we do. Paleoclimatologists have shown that our weather can change drastically in a matter of days.

Yes it is common since to live greener, but stating such things as undeniable facts when you really don’t know is ignorant.

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Riptora said it can happen anytime, and
people should be happy there at the top
of the current food chain.


To expand on this; there were also several studies done on the CO2 levels and temperature differences over the past 40,000 years. These studies all had varied results based on location, but the one thing they all had in common was the CO2 naturally rose and declined on its own in more drastic variance than we are currently recording.


Climate change happens all the time.

No body actually knows exactly how much HUMANS have contributed.

That being said, I DO agree that we probably do a lot of damage, and should stop.

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The stupidest thing about these climate change scenarios is the idea that the “whole world” is gonna agree on some form of action to prevent it. Not ever gonna happen. There are too many countries who wouldn’t do anything so it would be pointless for some other country to try. I don’t know if what I said makes sense but it makes sense to me so I’m going with it. lol

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We certainly do by polluting or destroying certain places, take for instance the BP oil spill or the nuclear reactors that completely destroyed Chernobyl or more recently the ■■■■■■■■■ Daiichi nuclear disaster. Aside from that, we are quickly exhausting our non-renewable resources. Point is, as humans, with our continued growth and use on our planet for the sake of advancing means we will eventually need to colonize another planet.

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