3 tips for new blood in KI:

Just some personal tips for people new to KI they’re general tips.

NUMBER 1: Completely disregard low tier ranks like qualifier, bronze, etc. Because people who have solid expeirence in the game will sometimes reset their tier to work their way back up. Instead, pay attention to their player rank, and the character rank, if it’s high it means that person has some expeirence and you may be in for a good fight. Though really it’s just better to approach every opponent with caution. You’ll get an idea of their strength in the actual combat.

NUMBER 2: If you’re having trouble against a character or issues with your own character, hit up the character forums, we have people on here who know a thing or two about MUs and at least some of us who haven’t ditched anything since season 1 are pretty seasoned with certain MUs. Don’t let yourself get to frustrated because things are not working out too well. All of us have been through the hard beatings before we ascend.

NUMBER 3: Make friends. If you feel like you wanna get some matches going to gain experience or get some folks to help you, or just throw out some fun fisticuffs, it would be good to make friends : )

Have fun and welcome to KI!


And read Infilament`s guide, it is invaluable resource of knowledge.

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To add to your last bullet of making friends. Know your friends and their play style that knowledge will be invaluable when dealing with other players of a similar style. Take me for example, I’m all about the corner and clobber and I know I’m not the only one. So if your playing me and you getting pushed to the edge of the stage it’s gunna get ugly.

Move on to the next available player if the current online opponent in any way spams moves and repeatedly teabags or taunts without audible constructive advice or patient resets.

I encountered a jabber and seemingly a combo assist player maybe trying out different characters. Their first choices were omen Hisako and cinder, and they really grasped the basics from about 10 bouts with me. Yes I could’ve rush down the fight and took advantage but it was refreshing to see a person willing to try and stay on the fight multiple times after I attempted to teach about jump ins throws and punishment as I know them.

I wish I had a pro who’d teach me that way with orchid lol