3 taunt for fighter?

I was thinking, it would be nice to be able to choose their taunt as you choose the costumes? 3 taunt for fighter running three different things, everyone can choose what they prefer, would be very useful in the mirror fighting , it is sad to see two fighters doing the same taunt and together.

taunt 1 - threatening, for bad guys
taunt 2 - bored, for braggarts fighters
taunt 3 - exhibitionist, for fighters who like to impress.

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I like the idea of multiple taunts for characters, though I’d personally rather see a negative taunt and a positive one. Though if there were maybe something like a dial that came up if you hold the Back button (forget what that button’s called on XB1) and you flick the right stick to one of four taunts, but the dial disappears the instant you release the Back button. That could give a solid range of reactions.

But assuming that might be a bit too much, and they’d have to be more selective, I still think a positive and a negative are a good way to go.

The negative can send the message that’s anything from “haha I crushed you” to “I don’t respect the way you play” while a positive one can be “good game” or “Thanks for the lesson” or “I enjoy playing against you” or whatever.

So yeah, a disrespect taunt and a respect taunt. The respect taunt was a popular request on the old boards and I still think the idea has merit, especially if we’re talking about being able to communicate with your opponent in match without using headphones. It could make the taunt a signal to the opponent as opposed to ply being a way to fling poo at them.

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I want 3 taunts like this.

  1. Normal taunt

  2. Respect Taunt

  3. SUUUUPER DISRESPECTFUL TAUNT (although it doesn’t really get any worse than Jago shaking his head at you to me)

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Ughh I know right? I want to throw something at his head every time.

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Fable Instinct :slight_smile:


Taunt 1 - Normal

Taunt 2 - I’m having fun

Taunt 3 - Respect/Salute

Taunt 4 - Try harder/You can do better than that

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Yep, we (at least, I) definitly need a respect one. I want to salute my opponent when we’ve got a good match, not just walk backward or stay near the corpse.

The super direspectful is not necessary to me because we’ve got ultra (what’s more frustrating than taking a full ultra ? - especially in Killer vs a Killer TJ, at the end of the first match.)


I would love an option like this… it would save me a lot of typing “GGs” with my fightstick :smile: