3 stages? What of the music?

Sorry if this has been asked to death in other places but I haven’t been able to find a thread regarding this. I know that Season 3 will feature only 3 new stages. Since music selection is now a thing, is it safe to assume that each character will receive their own music track?

Yep, all eight new characters are essentially assured their own unique music track.
I’m still hoping they get Celldweller to remix some Season 1 and Season 2 tracks.


That’s awesome to hear. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

Well it was kinda stated with Rash already having his theme and no stage so

Haha… I guess so… I must’ve overlooked that a great while ago.

My mistake!

Oh god I hope he doesnt. How dare CD touch Micks work of art! Sorry but I just am not a fan of CD…but to each is own

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The only one I’m OK with CD&AP redoing/remixing at all, is (I’m sorry Mick) Riptor’s. It just flat, doesn’t sound like it’s a KI2013 theme.