3 Stages AT LAUNCH? or 3 Stages PERIOD?

From what we’ve been told, Season 3 will add 3 stages in total from the launch next week to the end of the season when the 8th character is released.

Personally I think we’ll get an extra stage or two on top of those 3 by next year. It’ll either be through another community fund or with a simple sky-stage of sorts.

It’s crazy that Gargos isn’t getting his own level

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I cannot believe gargos Will not have his own stage.

I mean, we re talking about the BOSS of the Game! Aria was the boss of season 2 and have one.

3 stages for Season 3 and that is all. Anything else will have to be the work of a community fund. Doubtful we could get 5 stages out of a fund… more like 1 or 2 more.

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Speaking of which, I sincerely hope that this time we can have a tiered community fund, so that we can have multiple goals for the inclusion of things that the community would like to see. It would be awesome for us to have an official poll (here and maybe on twitter as well) in the future asking us what we would like in the game after we’ve had a chance to take in season 3. The results could determine the precedence of how the goals are listed. Just throwing this out there to keep in the back of your mind when and if that time ever comes :wink: @rukizzel

KI stages are beautiful and part of the game. it is something i look for in KI. i wish the rest of them to happen.

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Dood, that is an INCREDIBLE idea. I’m definitely keeping this in mind after Season 3 arrives. ONLY 8 MORE DAYS BOIS

New season, new characters, new moves…but only 3 new stages. Really sucks no matter how much people try to defend it.

Offering to community fund it because the developers blew the budget on a bunch of stuff no one really cares about doesn’t help the game either. If this turns into a DLC fest KI’s reputation as the underdog good guy will be ruined for sure.


Couldn’t agree more.

And I can’t see anything “making up” for the lack of new stages, though I want to be proven wrong.

Would much rather 8 characters and 8 stages, with no new modes and extra fluff when I just want to play ranked and exhibition matches tbh. But that’s just me

Shadow Jago was the boss of S1, and really he didn’t get his own stage either. Just Jago’s stage with some effects to change the color. I could see Gargos sharing the stage with Omen and Shago.

[quote=“Hytola, post:29, topic:6474”]
Would much rather 8 characters and 8 stages, with no new modes and extra fluff when I just want to play ranked and exhibition matches tbh. But that’s just me [/quote]

Though for right now, that’s the same problem with SFV. There are no modes other than fighting people online for the most part. KI was pretty much the same barebones at first and the KI community was begging for more. I have no idea what else they do have in mind other than a story mode. Maybe this mode will include all the characters this time, not just S3? Though I would like them to have more stages coming up in the future. I think it’s really on MS to get behind this franchise more so the IG guys have more to work with, though not sure that is going to happen.

3 stages total, and yet the price stayed the same, go figure.

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Shadow jago is more a secret char than a boss, as Gouki was in ssf2t, to me. Aria was plain previewed as a boss from the beginning and got all the good work going with, where as jago is nothing more a skin we made grow thanks to our bills.

Honestly, this is the (for lack of a better term) dumbest crap I have read on here for a long time. Please tell me how many fighting games have the amount of stages Killer Instinct has only including S1/2 not S3? Next to none some do not even come remotely close.

IG has been making moves for the game as a whole. They have given us what we want time and time again to the best of their ability. They are still ultimately subject to the rules governed by MS in how they do certain things and their budget. We get 8 characters, a whole new lighting system that makes the game look like its graphics were entirely redone, whole new moves, balance changes and reworks that essentially makes the existing roster in to completely new characters in a sense, whole new mechanics that make the game and learning them feel completely fresh, new modes that may ir may not have been leaked and some we still possibly do not know about for us and newcomers alike. We need more people not just satisfying every whim of the players we have now. KI needs to grow not just “get by” with the support of its already exist small fanbase.

IGs reputation is in no danger because we only get 3 ■■■■ stages. This kind of talk really irritates me because it is just entitled crying from spoiled brats. S3 is shaping up to be the best season yet and I much rather have a more fine tuned game overall than 5 more stages most will rarely use after the first month. KI is the most balanced game out there and people want them not to perfect it because they do not get 5 more stages to the already 20+ we will have once S3 launches…

Sigh… rant over /drops mic

This is the way that fighting games are going now days. Look at the franchises that used to have specific stages for each character and how they are now. SF. The last SF game that had a specific stage for each character was SFIII thrid strike. Also Street fighter Alpha III. For Tekken, Tekken 3 was the last one that had specific stages for each character. MK never had a specific stage for each character as far as I remember. Smash has multiple ones, but many of those stages are old stages from previous games.

I would like to have more stages, but it’s not a killing point for me for this game. I am still getting it. I am actually pretty excited about the fact you can pick your music for each character. Maybe they will be able to add throwback music from KI 1 and KI2 into the list of music to pick from if you want to. I would LOVE that. IG Team, would that be a possibility down the road?

guys remove from your head the words ‘‘fighting games’’ . it is not a fighting game. it is KILLER INSTINCT. do not compare it with other games.they are completely different. i don’t care how many stages your bs fighting game knowledge sets as a standard. THIS IS KI. EVERY CHARACTER HAS HIS STAGE. if you don’t like stages and you want a pure fighting experience you can do karate.the world is out there for you.

this made almost no sense what so ever…my point was that other games also followed this where each character had their own stages for multiple games, then stopped. It won’t kill the franchise. Also KI, is a fighting game. It’s not anything but.


I do not care how others fighting games work.

Whan SFV made lousy lazy stages, i rant on SFV forums. But stages are, in my opinion, attached to characters same way music is, Double Helix showed us they perfectly understood that, and i tought IG did it too.

I cannot imagine of less I would cared of Aganos if he did not had his proper stage : that shore, that sea, that giants in the back, mixed with the music ARE part of the character.

Stealing it to some chars, is a very disapointing idea IN MY OPINION.

And another thing i can’t understand : we will be given only 3 new stages, so logical thing would be giving it to canonical chars : new comers or boss. But IG choose to give one to Arbiter. Don’t get me wrong, i LOVE the stage. But knowing the last boss of the game will not have his stage and a guest will tickles me a bit.

there are no other fighting games man.they are dead. SF was destroyed by moves like these and MK had do make a whole movie, a million lame characters and all these ugly x ray things just to cover the awfulness of its gameplay in the eyes of a never played before customer. they put their hands in a bag and draw lame characters. same cheap logic is universal stages. and you rationalize cheap logic as a “universal fighting game movement”.wooo. NO .just NO. killer instinct shouldn’t take examples of these games, it should be the opposite.KI is saving fighting game legacy. the game only needs good unique characters with there best ever gameplay and their beautiful KI stages. New modes are always failure. like the “shadows”.

Shadows is not a failure. Where did you get that from?