3 new skins -> 3 New characters

Oks, first things first: This is directed to the community, not to the devs. This is not a “I demand this because reasons” thread, I only want to know what people thinks about an idea I’ve just had.

Some people doesn’t like guest characters. The reasoning of this is simple: A guest takes the place of an original character(or Eyedol, or whatever). Some could say it makes KI universe smaller than it could be(less original characters means less lore can be developed by playable characters and stuff like that).

What can’t be denied it’s that guest characters are original gameplay wise. They are not like Akuma in Tekken, who is adapted, but based in SF Akuma. My point here is, if for example, Raam has a different skin, different name, different voice actor and lines, and maybe different intro/outro, but with the same moveset, he would be a new character to the KI universe and could be part of the lore. Think in a different skin in something like Retros(specially retros like Riptor, Aria, Gargos…).

My point is, we could have a new costume for each guest, with totally different appeareance, but the same model and moveset. This could lead to a “fast to build” canon character.

Raam could be a Frankestein monster, or the cursed general from Kan-Ra backstory. Even Eyedol could fit with his gameplay, as @Zeybuccaneer pointed in other thread
Arbiter could be an old Glacius enemy, an alien from another part of the space
Rash it’s the thought one, he could be a monster similar to Shuma Gorath(a shapeshifter)

Gameplay would be the same, but we could expand KI lore in a better way. Thoughts? Do you like this idea?

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DISCLAIMER: I prefer Eyedol as a new and unique character, not a skin for an existing character. This is more oriented to use the guest gameplay assets in new characters, not into “not creating Eyedol”

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Love it! A perfect idea to put Eyedol in the game without having to redo the gameplay! I personally do not mind having the Eyedol and Graam with the same gameplay.

At least I know I can go deeper and learn to play with him because he is a fixed character and guaranteed in future editions of the game!

Not looking the idea for Eyedol but the idea in general would be a good way to introduce alternative characters. Question is how much effort should be put into it? Replacing the audio and effects would likely be required as well.

I’d like to see rash just become part of the roster though, can’t think of anything or anyone that could fit his play style and moves other than zitz and pimple.

Many people voted no, I would like to know their reasons ^^

Whether I agree or not is not important, but ideas like this are great. Too many ideas get bashed making people hesitant to propose new things.

On topic, I vote yes. It’s a neat solution I believe. Maybe for KI2017 on the Scorpio?

You people want to jump through any hoop to try and get Eyedol in the game, huh? XD

That sounds pretty cool. Would definitely like to see the styles the guests are bringing ro the table. It would be nice if they stayed. Personal opinion though, in the next KI…let Rash stay, keep him on & make the Battletoads cannon, only instead of just Rash, have all 3 akin to a MVC team like how Aria is.

I voted other; here is my comment:
If a sequel is made, I like the idea of using the mechanics from the guest characters, so at least in a way, they would survive spiritually while also adding to the game and story. However, I don’t like the idea of using “alternative skins” in this game just to basically have a round-about way to include the guests into the story - it cheapens the importance of the guest characters and the games they, themselves, represent.

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Honestly OP you pretty much hit the nail on the head on the reasons I don’t like so many guests in fighting games. I think too many and the game devs sell out like what MKX is doing or Smash if you can argue that though that’s a different level.

For me it’s because it will attract some folks who likely will not support the series as a whole it’s just meant to bring them in. But on the slim chance that they grow into the rest of the rsoter and find something about the game and the series they have guests do hold some benefit but if you ask me that’s a dice roll I feel will more likely hit snake eyes than anything else.

I can totally see this in he next KI game because honestly I think the idea of skins will limite the design they want since the anatomy will have to match the bone rig for smoother programming and less chances of glitchy animation.

If the guests get replaced in the next KI game but what they have can be carried over.

In the next game I’d be fine with ONE guest and leave the rest to the other characters.

If your going to use the moves you might as well have the characters.

The whole repackaging scheme would’ve made sense if we’re talking about 3rd party owned characters, but there’s no true hurdles to there inclusion and they’re in house characters.

If going to have new characters then they should be NEW characters…