3 characters you enjoy the most and least (and why)

Just curious what your top 3 and bottom 3 are and if there are any reasons for that beyond “because this character is my main” or “because that character’s cheap/broken” etc.

I don’t think there’s a lot of the latter on this board, but I’m just curious, if you had to pick, who would you choose?

Side note: This is NOT a tier discussion. If you dislike a character because you think they’re bottom tier, that’s one thing, but the point isn’t which characters you think are the best and worst, but which ones you enjoy using the most and which ones you enjoy using the least.

Okay? Okay. :slight_smile:

Love Riptor, Saberwulf, and Kan Ra because I have a special affinity for monsters.

Hate Rash, shago, shinsako (more just unimpressed with the last one) in general I hate spammer types.


Sabrewulf - Favorite character, I’m a sucker for werewolf characters and almost always main them. I’ve always been a more defensive player, but I’ve grown to enjoy and love the rushdown/mix up potential with him. His lack of defensive options keep me on edge, but his ridiculous offense (launch ender, restand, to 50/50 for days), makes it fair.

Mira - She hot! lol She’s an all around character, I always like balanced characters capable of doing a bit of everything. Plus she’s a fun very high risk/very high reward type of character with her gray life. (If it weren’t for her gray life, she’d easily be the best character in the game)

Cinder - My OG, always played him as a kid in the original KI (I never liked Sabrewulf’s original design).

For “least” I’m gonna change it around and list my top 3 least favorite characters to play AGAINST:

Maya - With daggers, she can just spam all day, get mostly safe pressure, and you get penalized if you block right, cause she get’s a free unblockable that leads to decent damage. If you keep her daggers away, and that’s a big IF, she’s not a problem. But with daggers, and Instinct it’s very irritating, plus she can always make her already invincible wake up, safe with daggers.

Rash - The most annoying character in the game. Can do whatever he wants, it’s mostly safe, deals decent damage, Instinct mode prevents you from doing anything. Absolute brain dead character, no skills required, just hit the fight stick with your face and something, most likely safe, will come out.

Fulgore - He’s broken…Period.


Jago, for being balanced
Glacius, for having the right tools
Fulgore, because he’s jago with a teleport

Cinder, his juggle strategy is too complicated to me
TJ Combo, auto barrage ruins my combos
Kim Wu, useless from far away

In that case…

Rash, same reasons as you @Paache00
Aganos, untouchable and unstoppable
eyedol, spam spam and more spam

My Top 3 are

Maya : Love the hunter style of play and having to take care of the daggers with my life. Oh and just wanted to point out @Paache00 she has no invincible DP and almost all her pressure is actually negative, you just have to know where the holes are.Back on topic tho…

2nd would have to be Cinder because his setups, juggles and general mobility are just so fun.

3rd fav definently goes to Shago. I’ve always loved playing as Shotos but sometimes they can be a little too honest and predictable. Shago has all of the tools and good buttons of a Shoto but also has the crazy mixups and setups that shotos usually don’t have.

1st least fav is Riptor. She is just SOOOOO good on knockdowns and trying to guess what she is going to do to you is really hard. On top of that she can zone a decent bit as well

2nd least fav is Sadira, the mixups are just way too good and I can never block. After playing more than a few games against a Sadira I can feel my blood turn to salt.

3rd least fav is Aria. Her assist which can be called EXTREMELY fast are very strong and are tailor made for whatever body she is in. Calling an assist has almost no recovery which is ridiculous and her mixups are some of the best in the game. Everytime a patch rolls around I hope that Aria gets tweaked but it never happens.:cry:

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My favorites fluctuate, but tend to be focused around Wulf, Tusk, and either Mira or Sadira. I like to play across the cast even with my favorites. Luckily the characters I like the most also really gel with how I like to play.

When it comes down to least favorites, Aganos, Gargos, and either ARIA or Jago go here. I have a lot of trouble fighting against them. As far as my least favorites for appearance, Orchid, ARIA, and Kim Wu are my least favorite.


  • Orchid
  • Tusk
  • Mira

Orchid plays exactly the way I like. Fast, acrobatic, lots of kicks, good rushdown, and isn’t all that complicated. Tusk is awesome for when I want to play a strong character who, again, isn’t too complicated. Mira pings on a lot of the same things as Orchid with the speed and good rushdown, but is a lot more risky with her blood magic… but I love blood magic! And she’s fun and flashy!

Honourable mentions: Sadira, Riptor, ARIA, Gargos.


  • Raam
  • Arbiter
  • Eyedol

Just because I don’t like guest character doesn’t mean they’re not fun which is the case of Rash. He’s fun to play from time to time. That’s not the case with Raam and Arbiter though. Their overall style and gameplay are just not me. As for Eyedol, he’s too random for me. I was kinda arguing to put Omen on the list instead of Eyedol, actually. Not so much for random characters, but the difference on those two is that only Omen’s projectiles are random where Eyedol completely changes playstyle at random.

Dishonourable mentions: Omen, Kim Wu, Shadow Jago.

I haven’t played Kilgore or Shin Hisako though, so can’t express my opinion about the fun factor of their gameplay.

Top Kim Orchid & Hisako

Bottom omen Rash raam

My three that I enjoy the most:

  1. Sadira: Love the aerial hijinks with this character. I’d still love to be able to go from air to ground in addition to ground to air, but either way, she’s still insanely fun to use and I probably have more confidence with her than any other character. Plus, she’s a badass assassin. :slight_smile: All the stuff IG’s added to her arsenal has made her even more fun. I’d still like to see them do something with her damage ender (either make it more damaging or replace it with something more useful) and I still feel like she could use another move or ender, but regardless, she’s one of my favorites, no question.

  2. Kan Ra: Dude is just so unique in what he does, how he does it, and from top to bottom, he’s just an awesome character design. Love the sand effects, the traps, that amazing voice, the Big Trouble in Little China accessories, he’s just awesome. I’m hoping that he can be rebalanced a little at some point to make him more threatening, though how they can do that without making him more annoying, I don’t know. Either way, he’s still one of my favorite character designs. I’m not particularly good with him, but I still love using him.

  3. Eyedol: Love the stance switching, his ability to fill up the meter of the other style, and all the tools at his disposal. With one style that’s great for zoning and cool to watch and another style that feels both brutal and satisfying, he’s the complete package. I also like the “punching the head” animation to switch styles. Adds to his personality. Everything about him, from his epic reveal to his fun questline in Shadowlords… He’s incredibly well done.

Honorable mention-Mira: Vampire, story lore character, incredibly fun glass cannon style… She’s one of those characters that I love watching other people use and really try and balance the attack and the revive. I love using her too, but I know I still have much more to learn with her. Still, each of her moves, has an awesome style to it, and while it might be crazy to say, she almost feels like a Darkstalkers character in a way, and I can’t tell you how much of a compliment that is. Of course, she’s still uniquely IG, and she’s one that I certainly enjoy in all aspects, no question.

My three that I enjoy the least:

  1. Arbiter: Not being the biggest fan of Halo, this character was never overly exciting to me. His move list also doesn’t feel that enjoyable. I dunno, maybe he’s meant for higher level players and I just haven’t unlocked what makes him fun? I’ve watched a lot of gameplay of him and what I see doesn’t really strike me as anything I really want to try out, but that’s just me. It feels like there’s something else he could have, another uniquely Halo aspect, that might make him more fun. Not sure what that might be, but maybe replacing one of his slashing specials with something else a little more compelling might be nice.

  2. TJ Combo: I love his move set, except for autobarrage. I feel like I’m playing with a glass controller when I use him, because one false move and my combo’s interrupted and abruptly ended by his combo trait. I know others don’t have this problem, but as much as I used to enjoy him, I’m always reminded why I stopped using him any time I try to pick him up again. If they remapped it or replaced it with something entirely new, he might be in my top 5.

  3. Sabrewulf: He honestly frustrates me because he used to be my favorite character, but his move set simply isn’t fun (to me). He’s built in a slightly similar style to TJ (run vs powerline plus two other specials), but he has less options off of run. He has flipout, recap and a relatively strange looking dive kick, but none of that makes him a character that’s fun to watch or use (again, speaking for myself). I’d love it if they added some more visual flash to his move list.

Honorable Mention - Raam: I love grapplers, but his grappling moves all look incredibly similar and none of them are particularly exciting. I like his kryll mechanic, and he’s a pretty cool character to behold, and I also dig his OTGs, but even for a grappler, which tend not to be very flashy, his moves feel a bit bland. I get that he’s not going to be suplexing or powerbombing people, but it’d be nice if he had a bit more than grab n stab throws.

Most favourite:
1.Tusk - my main, has awesome theme, playing as him is very satisfying. I think his sword swings are very well animated - you can feel the weight of his sword. Also I relate to him because he is cool, muscular and strong, complete opposite of me.

2.Gargos because I like his visual design - his look and animations perfectly show off his personality.

3.All cyborg characters because I think they are very well designed, especially Fulgore.

Least liked:

3.Shin Hisako - too similar to Hisako in terms of visuals, divides Hisako’s awesomeness in two.

2.Riptor - I think she should be bigger, more intimidating. She behaves like mix of chicken and angry chiuaua and I dont like it.

Ax aequo with Riptor I gotta mention Sabrewulf - I also think he should be bigger, his fur done better (Retro Eyedol’s legs look better than his fur) and why the hell is he blue?

1.Glacius - if you pick him against me better win or else you get bags on face with lightspeed velocity. Cool visuals but aside of that i hate him.

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Love Riptor, Glacius, and Sabrewulf. Reasons are favorite Dinosaur, (Type of fighter) second Favorite element, and favorite Canine.

Dislikes… Can’t really say for sure. I don’t think I have anything against any character.

Except for rash. He is generally the most annoying I think.

Ok here’s my three I love to play as: Fulgore, Riptor, and Cinder.

Fulgore and Riptor are my top favorites sharing the number 1 spot. Both have great and fun mechanics to play and both also appeal to my love for dinos and robots. Aside from design and gameplay well…they’re just friggen’ awesome.

Cinder I love this dude even more than I did back when I played KI1 I kinda imagined he’d be a bit differnet in his visuals and I like it. I always thougt it would be cool if he looked like as if the sun took a human shape complete with solar flare arcs and fire he literally looks like a walking sun. Plus his classic costume still looks like the walking glowing silouette with little embers as before. Props to @developers for that one!

His gameplay isn’t as simple as it used to be in KI1 but honestly having to think a bit and practice air combos adds a new spin with his gameplay. Plus I’m glad Inferno isn’t > > Kick like it was in KI1 which was slow as ■■■■ and often I lost matches on accident because of that, lol.

So that’s my favorite.

Least favorite:
-Sadira- I don’t like fighting her really.

-Mira-- Her design is kind of bland, another fictional vampire that has the “human with fangs look”…Not a good choice. However I can forgive it because she’s supposed to be Maya’s twin sister and plus my design for her could of made her close to Gargos. However because human with fangs are so common, eh…

RAAM- I have no issues with him, other than the fact that he felt kinda shoe-horned in there. Then again anyone can argue the same with the Arbiter but hey shrug


Jago: Solid balance with a healing x-factor. His fundamental heavy playstyle with some unique tools allow for a stickily linear playstyle or something completely unique. Neither is better than the other as someone with heavy fundamentals can be as good or even better than someone who has stylish mix-ups. Though, shotos are always fun to play, if that’s your thing. I’m at the point where I don’t think I can ever stop being a Jago main. Crazy thing is, no matter how simplistic Jago can be, I am always learning something through other players, whether it’s Her0, Blake, Thompxson or any other solid players.

RAAM: Love this guy to death. The simple fact that he is from Gears was good enough. But his playstyle is a personal favorite. Sure I prefer shotos but grapplers like Gief have always held a dear place in my heart. Something about heavy read-based characters who struggle afar but do crazy damage up close is awesome! He’s a blast to play and after utilizing his “focus” more efficiently, he can be devastating once he gets within range. Some call him brain-dead or even cheap, but he truly punishes those with bad tendencies. In other words, you mess up, that’s on you buddy, I will make you pay for it.

TJ Combo: Often times, I believe people lose sight of the intent of video games. Sometimes, the goal becomes purely to win. While that may be fun, I don’t think it allows for someone to truly value the design and style of certain characters when sticking to the “best” players only. TJ is one of those reasons that this game is incredibly fun, for me at least. His juggles, recapture, flipout, target combo, command grab, and air shenanigans are truly amazing. Shadow Jago gets an honorable mention for being similar in that regard.


Kan-Ra: I don’t hate him, but I don’t like him. I don’t think its anything gameplay wise or aesthetically either. He animates well, has cool setups and looks like one of the best mummies with a great deal of personality. Though his archetype is just not me. I don’t like his style of play and I can’t bring myself to have fun.

Mira: Similar to Kan-Ra, she has a good deal of charm behind her design, the blood, animations, you name it. Though when it actually comes down to playing her, I just can’t feel comfortable enough. I don’t mind that she is a glass canon, but even when I do catch someone in a counter break and land an 80% combo, I don’t feel satisfied. It is odd, but it’s just a rather hallow feeling with her.

Shin Hisako: This one breaks my heart. I desperately wanted to like her. Her theme is amongst my top 3 favorite of the game, her backstory is amazing and her design works for me. But her gameplay doesn’t feel flat, per say, as much as it feels awkward. Not sure why, could be animation, but little things like dashing or DPing feel strange. Plus her heavy use of projectiles to setup combos made it quite difficult for me to feel any real connection.


Aria/Maya: Could care less about either of these characters. Don’t even feel the need to explain myself here, lol.

The Good (I enjoy):

  • Hisako: Love the range, normals, counter move and design.
  • Gargos: His gimmick is fun, even if some people hate it, if you can summon 2 minions in a single match, you deserve to be as cheap as possible. I love it.
  • Aganos: There is something on using walls to change the mindset of your opponent that is attractive when using Aganos. In my opinion, Aganos is one of the weakest characters in the game but I still have fun with this giant.

The Bad (I just don’t…)
-Kim Wu : I tried, I really tried, but, this lady is not fun to play. Bad normals, boring animations (except the Shadow Dragon Kick), jumps… I don’t even consider her design bad, but gameplay wise, just don’t…

  • Killgore : I know, it is a remix, I don’t mind that. But going from Fulgore to Killgore is day and night. Bad thing is, my mind doesn’t care, just sees a robot with Fulgore’s body, some shared animations, even an uppercut, but with a lame gameplay style (sorry Killgore mains, I guess, somebody, maybe…)
  • Orchid: I love a lot of stuff regarding this lady. Except that, in my opinion, she is the most “honest” character in KI, which is bad in a game where everybody else has something unique or cheap. She should be in SF V instead of KI.

The Ugly (I don’t want to touch)

  • Spinal: Unpopular opinion, but I like meat in the bones.
  • Cinder: Unpopular opinion, but I like fresh, not toasty.
  • Kan Ra: Unpopular opinion, but he did something wrong.

Wulf: Probably the easiest character to pick up and play with in terms of learning curve. I love my characters to be simple and a little scrubby.
Rash: A better version of wulf
Shago: He’s Demitri from Darkstalkers. Lots of options and different ways to play him. Very diverse character.

Honorable mentions: Thunder, Kilgore, Raam

Gargos: He represents everything I hate about season 3 (overpowered, ugly looking, and just flat out obnoxious to me)
Glacius: He’s the bane of my existence in KI. He’s a great character but the exact opposite of what I like in a character.
Cinder: too difficult of a character for me. It’s frustrating because I loved him in the original KI. (this one is more about frustration, more than anything)

Dishonorable mentions: Eyedol, Kan-ra, ARIA

I love:

Orchid: Sexy woman to see/watch/play.
Even her theme is awesome.
“Nice Gymnastics!..”

Shadow Jago: Reminds me in some ways Evil Ryu.
But his cross-up gameplay and his…feeling are the things i like the most on him.

ARIA: Normally i don’t really like robots, but this one is particular.
On her gameplay, her style, and her…walk animations…I just cannot pass without trying to play her…

I don’t like:

Rash: I just don’t like how he’s balanced.
FG issues.

Eyedol: I just hoped the retro alt would be the default alt :slight_smile:

Glacius: Same thing than Eyedol.

Hoping my profile picture doesn’t spoiler it but,

Characters I enjoy:

  1. Sadira - Before KI I was addicted to the AC series (pre-Unity). Seeing an assassin in this game made me want to join this game. Used to play characters like Strider, Ryu Hayabusa and Ezio (SCV). Her play style fits me perfectly. Perfect for salt farms.

  2. Aganos - Awesome character by IG. Like the walking tank motif. Once you get going you feel unstoppable.

  3. Hisako - A ghost-chan vortex character? The character sells herself. Awesome design, unique game plan. A character that most people can say got them interested in KI.

Character I dislike

  1. Glacius - Don’t mind him as a zoner. Just don’t know why his instinct allows him to play rushdown as well.

  2. Cinder - I feel like this character was made to piss people off. A lot of his tools seem overbearing at first and at high level it become a game of finding a hole in his seeming infinite pressure. A cocky character whose tools look more powerful then they are.

  3. Shin Hisako - Don’t care much for her. As sweet as Hisako’s charm is in being a stalker ex-gf, Shin/sako doesn’t fit the look of her character. A light warrior in a dead body, wearing normal armor instead of astral armor with very little light motif in her character. Don’t mind transformation characters (Akuma -> Oni) but it should show a massive surge of unique power, not Hisako feeling bored and wearing a new outfit.

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