3.9 Rough Sets

Loved watching this set. I noticed you using Shadow fireballs after a few throw>juggles, was that just for added unbreakable damage? It happened on more than one occasion, leading me to believe it was on purpose rather than a dropped Shadow DP cashout (which was what I thought the first time).

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It does a great deal of unbreakable damage, lots of potential damage too. So you can either go for a quick one chance to rack up the damage, or even better, IF your opponent locks out, go for the big boy stuff Shadow Jago can’t normally do.

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He’s the best Kim player, period. As for Shadow Jago, there are a lot of things that I don’t see many users use.

Did you know?: Shadow Jago can use any strength slide and follow up with any strength DP (even as a linker)? Guess break time :wink:

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Lol, I did not. But now I do :smiling_imp:

I must ask though. Is Kim’s Dragon Target Combos really that safe? Like I know the OS stuff. But to use them on block like that, I usually get shadow countered, or DP’d out of them. Do I need to just tighten my frame traps?

I wouldn’t know personally, you’d have to ask Bastfree.


Season 3 Rough Sets with TM Drago900 (TJ Combo) (Shadow Jago Edition)

Season 3 Rough Sets with BxA|FrankTheHuman (Eyedol) (Jago Edition)


Season 3 Rough Sets with o Seriious o (Jago) (Mira Edition)

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Season 3 Rough Sets with HW BETO415 (Glacius/Arbiter) (Mira Edition)

Season 3 Rough Sets with EctopicILLusion (Cinder) (Part IV)

Happy Halloween.

Season 3 Rough Sets with TG|CoopStar (Jago)

Season 3 Rough Sets with TG|CoopStar (Eyedol) (Mira Edition)


Your Mira is getting scarier by the day. Are you ever going to play her in a tourney?

Like I think a Surprise Mira would throw anyone off, lol

Good matches though. These Mira matches help me a lot. Helps me with my bad matches with Kim.

I would learn Spinal, but…

I don’t think he will use her in tournament. I’m sure he’d rather choose his mains than Mira.

Don’t be surprised if I ever use: Cinder, Jago, Mira, or Shadow Jago.

Spinal was always the main, but Jago came first, and Cinder started off as a “fun character”.

Seriously, Cinder was literally just a character I played for fun. Here we are now.

Is Shadow Jago your current project? Oh have you always played Shago?

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I’ve played with Shadow Jago since release, similar to Cinder and my thoughts of “him being fun”

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Season 3 Rough Sets with cP Flipz (Jago) (Shadow Jago Edition)

Thanks again for posting all these. Thoroughly enjoying the different characters and playstyles - nice to be able to get my KI fix even while abroad. :smile:


Glad everyone’s enjoying them. Just doing my part while I lurk in the shadows.
Also glad to see you hung out with the Japanese family. I’ll see them again soon enough.


I remember playing your shago on ranked about a week ago. You definitely play him differently than most! Instead of trying to defend, I was basically like “wow, that was pretty neat!”. Can’t wait to watch this set bastfree’s Kim!

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Season 3 Rough Sets with Gam3r Kill3rs (Sabrewulf/Rash/Jago)

Season 3 Rough Sets with SDAGBAILEY937 (Shadow Jago) (Jago Edition)