3.9 Patch Notes


What exactly was changed last minute in this patch to cause all these delays?


Xbox users - go check to see if you’re prompted for the update. Should be rolling out right now.

Win 10, it could take some hours before you are prompted. Minutes to spare on 9/5. Minutes.


Just got it on my end. Downloading now.


what about steam version ? this week maybe ? also are we able to collect figure skins on steam ?


Edit: Nevermind I got it. I was waiting for an update but it turns out I already had it installed :joy:


Was installed when I got home. Wasn’t expecting it so late.


Thank you :pray:

I assumed we’d be getting the official logo back for the game tile? Isgreen mentioned that he didn’t know if it would make it back into the previous patch before this one or 3.9. James Goddard also retweeted my post about it.
I know this is a minor thing but is there still plans to change the tile back to this below? @rukizzel thanks.


Have to wait for the Win10 version, no update yet :frowning:


Probably no for all that.


The icon will be changing with 3.9 (or shortly thereafter).


Still no win10 update eh?


Thanks Adam. Appreciate it.


Not yet. Just got a message that it is hanging up. No ETA yet, but team is aware.


i don’t know if you are reading my comments or not if you even do please say we don’t know anything about Limited Edition Shadow Jago colors codes usable on Steam KI ? feeling ignored is the worst. nobody knows anything which is in weeks steam version coming out!


I know you haven’t posted much in the forums, but chillax dude. The KI team pretty much reads everything here, and if they’re not answering your questions it’s because they can’t yet. Pretty much everyone in the video game industry is under gag orders on their projects until they’re given the green light from the higher-ups to give details, KI is no different. @rukizzel has never failed to let us know what’s going on when he was finally let off his proverbial chain.


The way I see it. The day we find out when it comes out will be the day it comes out.


For the love of God come on with it


Still showing this game some love? Nice, it’s been too long, how have you been?


Bring it on the new KI game.
I would flip out if Killer Instinct get a new game announcement early 2018. Im quite sure a lot of people would do the same. This time AAA :clap::clap::clap:


Gargos buffed, finally!!!
Still i need to wait 4 months to have my good internet back :frowning: