3.9 Patch Notes


Yea @MnTLetalis you will be just fine


@MnTLetalis neither can Kan since scarabs only hit 5 times this season and have smaller hit boxes you will hit kan and destroy the scarab in the same jumping attack everytime. Unless something changed that i missed. unless we are talking about shadow scarab which in most cases is a waste of meter


@ItzTymeToDul the clutch is just over 2 lab tiles no where near half screen. but @MnTLetalis is correct his recovery according to lab attack data is proportional to thunders whiffing a heavy command grab the point blank ones with super fast startup recover faster but i believe they are throw invulnerable unlike Kan’s so I dont know I believe what hurts him the most is that tell tell animation at the startup that the other characters dont have


There are other command grabs with a long animation, such as shoot toss, and various s3 advancing command grabs. Those grabs also don’t have an anti air version with similar startup that catches people trying to jump out of the grounded one and punish Kan Ra.


I do agree with this actually.


Good, so I can body you when you do it Dul :smiling_imp:


Just a PSA for everyone to keep a look out once the patch drops for anything unexpected. There’s been a tendency for future content to become visible when patches are dropped (like all the Gold skins being in the game), and considering this will be the last patch for a while there’s a good chance we’ll be able to spy something.


Here’s hoping Omen gets a gold skin of some kind.


And if there’s nothing to find, the flip side is we know that all she wrote


…what? Please elaborate.


Is the patch out yet?


Not that I know off. Haven’t had to download anything.


Hopefully it will be out sometime today since yesterday was Labor day in the states.


Well they said it should be out by the 5th, which is today, so if everything goes according tonplan we should see it by the afternoon (US time zones)


I wouldn’t hold your breath for the patch dropping today :frowning: fingers crossed though.


oh ffs -.-

Are you sure this “weeks not months” talk was not regarding 3.9 patch? 110


If there is a patch today, I will stream later today after College classes. (Which is rare lol. Hopefully)


LMAO that is me asking Rukari about the patch.


…I’m honestly disappointed in a reply like that.


Awwww… looks like no 3.9 today.
Sucks that it’s running late. Hope nothing got terribly mixed up behind the scenes