3.9 Patch Notes


The thing is that it has a half screen range but slow starup and can easily be reacted to . Thunder cmd grab for example, decent range, high statup, fast recovery on whiff, good damage. But its ok lol

@MnTLetalis kan ra whiff is so high that u can jump back, land and still windkick and punish him. Even when u curse ur opponent they can still jump and punish you.


Not with Kim. I can jump with curse on, go make a sandwich, come back, and STILL be jumping in the air.


Same with Sadira. It seems like that once she gets cursed, she just floats at the top of the screen. Best curse EVER!




Thunder cant use a swarm to cover his grabs. Something any kan ra should know how to do properly.


I would say Thunder and TJ are probably my bottom two at this point but they’re still quite competitive, especially at lower levels. I’ll have to see how things shake out with Fulgore but overall great job to IG and thank you. This will truly be a game that lasts three more years with people learning new things.


Thunder bottom 2 why would you think that?


I’ve noticed that most of the changes (even substantial ones) aren’t going to be major matchup changers so much as they are adjusting how much a character is rewarded for doing things right. Reducing the reward for blocked Inferno or ARIA’s jump nades help tone down some of their safer neutral options, Sadira and Shago get more damage for their damage enders since they sacrifice set ups, Fulgore and Gargos got some of their more expensive neutral threat back, and Kan-Ra got some quality o’ life changes.

Obviously the adjustments to Eagle and ShinSako are going to have a more substantial effect on their matchups but for the most part I don’t think anyones gameplan has changed all that much.


I mean, I have no doubt you guys have found cool tech I’ve never seen, but I don’t think the application of such tech is going to break the character.

Think about it this way: all the current tech you’ve found can be implemented simply by doing a manual reset into command grab. This is strong enough to hit a lot of players, a lot of the time, and if the tech is super good, you probably go for this a lot. Kan-ra doesn’t have amazing corner carry or an amazingly far wall splat ender, so the number of NEW times the tech will work in 3.9 where it didn’t work in 3.8 is only marginally higher, ie… not enough for me to be that nervous about it.

But even if it does end up being strong, cool. There are few/no Kan-Ra players anymore, so maybe this is some good incentive to develop situational set play for the character and prove he’s good. Your statement of “this may even maybe bring him close to top 10” does not strike fear in my heart that IG has given Kan something too good.


Kan-Ra has always been fairly tricky to use properly, especially in Season 3. I think making him more powerful (even approaching Top 10) is a really good decision for the good of the game. Especially if the things that make him good revolve around tricky set play, since that’s what he was designed for in the first place


@lHagenl I actually concede pretty regularly that I don’t know Kan’s full capabilities, and think he still has a lot a of potential to be very, very strong if someone really unlocks all his different pieces (which it sounds like people are starting to do). That said, whatever his pressure options are, Kan will always be one of those characters I classify in my head as “once I catch you, you’re dead.” And being a Sako player, I’m to a certain extent only mildly concerned about plus frames and ambiguous meaty setups. Either you’ll physical attack or use a projectile, and if I ever guess right on which it is, I’m going to kill you.

I actually got ROFL-stomped the last time I ran into a good Kan (shout-outs to @HWFREEKYJASON :joy:). But it was because I made the wrong decisions and frankly just got outplayed, not because I didn’t have any options to deal with it. I imagine the same will be true with all this new tech. I 100% believe you that it’s very strong, but the simple fact is that to hit me you have to commit to something, and if I read your commitment, I will win. I don’t have to beat Kan-Ra; I just need to beat the player.


Thunder cannot safely whiff a command grab @BiyemAssi237. Unless your name is Mira or Hisako and you’re standing point blank, you aren’t safely whiffing command grabs in KI. Kan-Ra just has recovery commensurate to the range he has so that you actually can punish him.



Oh no I said it has fast recovery ( relative to clutch) not that it is safe on whiff. The think is that clutch is easily reactable compared to thunder which has about the same range and is lighting fast to react to.

@MnTLetalis In s2 that was always possible after knockdown cuz scarbs were very plus on block
In s3 kan ra doesnt have alot of time to setup after a hard knockdown, so most times u have to commit to one option and its hard to have that perfect situation especially against people who know kan ra gimmicks


I’ve fought pretty much any known kan ra multiple times. And have beaten them. Its still possible.



@HWFREEKYJASON is one of those guys I fear when I bump into him.

Super Great guy, funny as hell, but his Kan-Ra is really good lol


I think you vastly underestimate how strong Fulgore is when making you hold plus frame pressure. He has fast lows, a decent overhead (that he can walk into range for if he has pips and you’re stuck holding a slow pip-cancelled projectile), and silly grab range. And oh yeah, the throw puts you into the situation where you now get to hold another left/right/high/low/throw mixup. Yay.

Fulgore could already make you guess after blocking low laser - if you tried to challenge and he cancelled into blade dash you were eating a full combo. Now he’ll get to do the same with energy bolt, which he winds up basically even on or plus if he’s willing to spend a second pip or toss a slow one. And that doesn’t include the kinds of nuttiness he’ll get to apply in instinct. The reactor speed reduction isn’t super important if Fulgore is still pressuring you - the reactor builds quite quickly if he’s using buttons or throws you.

Fulgore is not a “low damage” character. He doesn’t hit particularly hard, but neither is he starved for damage the way a Shago or Sadira is. Not even close IMO, especially since he has really good (safe!) reset options available to him and his throw feeds a super powerful vortex. He can safely drop a combo into low/throw/overhead, and so long as he’s not getting ROFL-stomped he will often have bar to capitalize on any lockouts. Gore is not bereft of ways to hurt you. And as others have pointed out, his fireballs benefit from first hit bonus, so it’s not like the damage buff means nothing.


And you are 100% right on that you have to beat the player.
It’s just that Ra has many great tools to do that which are not used the right way.

Placed correctly, swarms beat things like wind kick or cold shoulder clean. Placed correctly not even the shadow versions will work.

Ra has a setup after clutch vs Hisako that make you have to deal with a hard to react overhead/low mixup which beats parry, back dash, and all her shadow moves and even if you block it right I am still plus on block. And there are even variations to it that make you guess between a cross up or empty jump low.

That’s just an example. Ra has tons of options and even if you get in he does have the options and damage to come back.

Also @Infilament you are right saying that manual xx clutch resets are good. I use them all the time. But see it this way: If it hits, I get a full combo. If my opponent reads it or simply reacts to it, I eat a full combo.
With clutch setups it’s different, because if they hit, I get a full combo. If it doesn’t hit, I am still plus on block. Huge difference.
And having those available after every single time I touch my opponent in the corner is a game changer for Ra. And putting someone in the corner is easy to do with Ra if played correctly.

I definitely think he is top 10.


I hope this will all be in your Kan-Ra guide :slight_smile:


Thunder is ridiculous straight up very close to top 5 if not in top 5


Not sure if Kan is top 10 but he is close. Still feels very high risk low reward to me he does have range on his command grabs but i that tell tell animation that no other character with a command grab has with the exception of Arbiter makes it easy to react. No matter what you are doing with Kan its mad react able. The command grabs that you escape from other characters are definitely reads and not reactions that makes a huge difference. Just not sure the little extra range is that big a deal