3.9 Patch Notes


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thank you guys.
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I would like Omen’s reversal to hurt, but it doesn’t… :frowning:


I’m really happy that Gargos’s minions does chip damage again. It cost shadow meter to bring them out and most of the cast can use their shadow meter to apply chip if needed.


I agree, I don’t think it’s was an unreasonable change, but I also don’t think it was an inconsequential one. I know I’d love it if I could do comparable damage with my DP which does 24 IIRC. I see your point on instinct stuff (although they could just keep the instinct DP at lower damage) but when the heaviest DPs hit for more than double what mine does (and a lot of them have cancel option using meter instead of just instinct) it does get a bit annoying being the weak damaging one.


Ra’s only hard knock down option is clutch or shadow clutch ender. He does not have a sweep. You can also count special ender as a HK but the following mixup is reactable and not as multi dimensional as his clutch hard knock down stuff. You also switch places with your opponent. It’s a very good ender nevertheless.

Believe me when I say that clutch setups are good. You gonna have to guess overhead or low and even in the corner Ra can cross you up. All that while being safe and always heavily plus on block for frame traps. If Ra adds a shadow spike to the mixups his opponent’s options get really slim.

I don’t think you and @Infilament really know what Ra is capable of. The tech found lately is just sick.


Believe me or not I see this one like a big nice burff. since the fact that she was pushed away, only limited her to put more preassure after certains ender then now she will be more devilish after some setups, since it allow her to lond closer and sooner, its just perfect :ok_hand:


In theory.

We all will have to play on the new patch to be sure but with a shortened hitbox and less backwards movement comes 8 less frames of blockstun. Some characters are definitely going to have options based off less blockstun alone. But if her backwards movement is gonna wind up like how Eyedol’s mage form J. HP got changed, then it’ll be pretty significant. Time will tell.


Great stuff. Thanks IG.


When will this patch go live?


Between now and September 5th

I think it could be today since ig like to surprise us


:thinking: I’d like to know what’s the percent reduction of high level TJ Combo players/mains, according to your ranked data, since the nerfing of his AD animations in barrage, Tremor 360 hit box, and anti air cyclone punch, to present? And please calculate significance and let me know.

Thank you so much in advance. I would greatly appreciate it :nerd_face:


Wait, they are proud of the current balancing? Sick stuff to approve cheating and teabagging ai, fix this then we can talk.


What does that even mean?


Microsoft handles releases to the public. But not today. It was supposed to be today, but it’s caught up at the moment. Thus the ambiguous wording.

I don’t know when it will drop, but it will be interesting, to say the least. Especially since this is a long weekend.


Keits has said they’re happy with the game an balance now. Another patch would be a long time away.
Is pretty much say it’s finished


but… but… my Sadira longs to destroy people’s lives and ruin their win steaks… :disappointed_relieved: :smile:



I think kan ra command grab set ups are actually very good. We got some scary things in the making my friend.

Hard knock down into swarm shenanigans is good. Plus you get time to place things on the screen.


Kan ra has a half screen command grab. He needs that recovery so characters that struggle in this match (rushdown, nonmobile characters) can fight him.


Every command grab has high recovery to it. He’s no exception.