3.8 Patch Notes


Cool beans.

Thanks Infil


Wait a sec, does this patch includes upcoming 5 Ultimates?


No they’ll be released at a later time.


k thanks.


Why am I salty I main Maya and Kilgore haven’t really played fulgore since Kilgore came out. As seen as my mains and previous mains I’m used too nerfs and I try and adapt every time. I frequently​ visit this forum a lot do you ever see me complaint about my mains no. I was just saying leave it alone. I felt that you were carrying on about fulgore and how good he is and responding to a comment that could have been left alone. Nerfs don’t bother so don’t put things in my mouth.


@rukizzel This just hit me, Jago’s buttons that received changes, did those effect Shago’s buttons as well?


No, Jago and Shago are not the same character, same as Fulgore’s changes don’t affect Kilgore, or Shin Hisako changes don’t afffect Hisako


Shago isn’t the same character, but the buttons they nerfed on Jago are the same. we’ll find out Tuesday regardless so I’m curious.


Ok man… we got ya there Sir Lance a Lot.
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Would that also change Omen’s Crouching LK and MK too?


I’m no game developer, but i don’t think the frame data between any one character in the game is ‘linked’ to where if you change one, you change them all. I’d believe that they were copied and are identical in that way a la Omen/Jago/Shadow Jago or possibly Hisako/Shin Hisako, Maya/Mira. But who knows?


it shouldn’t be linked that way. But I figured I’d ask for a definitive answer instead of speculation. But I’ll find out Tuesday regardless.


Did IG ever fix that bug where Jagos DP can cause the opponent’s gravity to permanently change for the duration of the match?


I still think only Nate knows how to do it, and he said he would tell IG but I don’t think he ever did. So my guess is no, that is not fixed.

I would like to find out whether the memory leak bug that has been causing KI to crash at all the major tournaments has been fixed? It wasn’t in the patch notes but that’s the type of thing that might not be listed. Can we get information on this @TempusChaoti @rukizzel?


I hope the patch also fixes the “Syncing to Ultra-Tech servers” bug as well.


Please play him against known good players. I’m tired of good players picking up a character and using ranked matches against no name players as anecdotal evidence as to why a character is “fine”. I’ve seen so many streams of X player picking a character and dominating a random ranked match and using that as evidence, where as realistically they could have just hit random and beaten that same player without issue. So please, if you can, play a long set against someone who plays at your skill level.


I understand the request, but if you’re realistically looking for highest level play of the character, you aren’t going to get it from me. Playing the best “known” players with a (not even) pocket isn’t going to prove anything one way or the other. I’m a high-level player, but my Fulgore is not particularly high-level. I’m not familiar enough with the bot to run him against Nicky or Rico or people like that, and to be frank I’ve no intention of learning him to that level.

I have a Mira, but I don’t play her against tournament-level competition or particularly unique characters. I don’t play her not because she isn’t good (I think she’s Top 2) or because she can’t deal with unique playstyles (she can), but because I don’t know those MU’s, or simply just acknowledge that I don’t have the familiarity or execution that I’d need with the character to be successful in those fights. That isn’t on the character though - that’s on me, and I would never base my evaluation of Mira on my personal player deficiencies instead of her toolset.

If you only want to watch Fulgore against super high level players to see if he’s viable, then ask @STLemonHunter if he would like to do and record sets with people. I’m going to take Gore into Ranked and see how I do. I’ll play a lot of different matches against a lot of different characters, and use the aggregate to confirm or invalidate my take on his strengths. If I notice something that seems tough or like a significant character deficiency I will note it, and if my losses are due to me being a scrub with the character and not properly utilizing my tools then I’ll note that as well. Through it all I intend to have fun.

That is my plan for playing Fulgore in 3.8, nothing more and nothing less.


I think they’ll get Mira, Hisako and the Shinsako runaway problem in 3.9. IG always gets their man - it just takes a while (i.e. Gargos and Fulgore). While I still think a couple of characters could use help (Kim, Orchid, TJ) we still need to see how unbugged Shinsako and Eagle work and wait for the tournament masters to unpack Eyedol the way they recently have Mira.


I’m kind of a noob when it comes to this. I don’t understand. Shin Hisako can effectively run away, without the opponent touching you?


As shin hisako, against, for example, Raam

1- Deal a single hit of chip damage with an orb fireball
2- Use advancing orb
3- Dash away
4- Once Raam is close, teleport to the orb
5- Repeat 2 to 4

There is zero Raam can do to get you. Other chars could have this problem too. It’s a legit 10-0 MU once you manage to do this. Of course is VERY lame and it will take you all the timer going down. But at any point of the fight, if you have a health lead, you can do this