3.8 Patch Notes


I’ll actually probably give Fulgore a go this patch. As someone who’s never played his previous incarnations I’m curious how this nerfed version will feel with nothing to compare him to. Can’t miss buffs i never experienced.


Storm would never say that!

What have you done with him? :sob:

kappa :joy:


Just gotta drop in and say:


Although I am a tad baffled as to why Jago’s crouching kicks got nerfed but I really don’t care, they’ll still make for good normals to check positioning. I’ll just defer to my close kick normals and double roundhouse for plus frames, as well as Laser Sword (but only when they’re cornered).

See you all on Tuesday. <3


poor gargos this hurt me a lot :cry:
I think it’s time to give up gargos and start to learning about mira or hisako or whatever.
Three characters got more than they deserve jago, fulgore, gargos.


Im…proud of you. :+1:


I honestly clueless to every patch note that comes about because I don’t understand Fighting games.

I mean unless they are HUGE changes like eyedol’s jumping HP (godspeed my ogre…) I will probably never notice.

I just play for fun. Mostly because I fear becoming a competitive player for reasons only some could understand :stuck_out_tongue:

But lemme ask:

Is this a big balance change or… not so much?

I cannot tell from just the text…


Big or small kinda depends from player to player. I guess if you had to summarize it to highlights per character…

Jago’s lows are more disadvantaged.
Thunder is more punishable on wakeup and on out of instinct Murder of Crows dashes.
Fulgore is visible on teleports a little earlier, some DP’s are stuffable and can’t pip cancel to stuff shadow counters.
Kan-Ra can cancel HK into specials again.
Rash’s st. HP became a lot like Jago’s fwd roundhouse.
Shin Hisako got bug fixes and a damage nerf to Shin ORZ.
Gargos’s minions no longer chip and are easier to hit, damage nerf to Reckoning, and less plus on his cr. MP button.

If those mean a lot or a little to you then that’s where these changes fall for you.


Ok. Thank you sir.

I appreciate it.

It doesn’t really effect my characters that much now that I look at it.


Well none of them affected my main… save a few matches got a LOT easier! :smiling_imp:


Oh joy…


How do you plan on increasing spin speed outside of combos? If you can’t physically open them up I don’t see it ever increasing since you lose your turn off of almost every blocked normal. Not to mention as soon as you laser, fireball, or teleport you’re back to minimal speed. I guess a bunch of mash cr lp? What a joke.

  1. what’s wrong with using fast plus on block normals? You’re complaining about losing some, and complaining about using others?

  2. how does Fulgore actually struggle to open people up?

  3. why is your spin speed straight to minimum when you use energy systems once?

  4. why does “use of meter” only seem to mean “throw 3 fireballs”?

  5. why is being negative on occasion that bad when you have access to a meterless DP to condition them to not press buttons in this scenario, or the ability to do other things like throw or press a button to condition them TO press buttons and eat a DP?


at close range st.mk, st.mp and st.lk are all still plus as is f.hp. So Fulgore can use those to frame trap and build. It only takes about 2-3 frame traps to get a decent spin going and add in Fulgore’s long throw range which also increases is speed. also shooting a fireball won’t automatically lower your spin speed to minimal. Its a gradual thing. These are things he’s used in my recent sets with him. And I imagine he’ll go for them more often. Mix in throws with neutral jumps. All air normals are plus and a good way to get something going. Even if they block it you can still get something started. Against certain characters you can still use cr.mk into a short charge blade dash and be safe since not everyone will have a button to contest it at max range. Fulgore still has plenty of options. I’m sure lemon and anyone else really trying to play him will explore them. Whether you do the same is up to you.


That is not the case though. like @MnTLetalis said st. LK, cl. st. MP and f. HP are still plus on block, but to add to that you can use the first two as potent frame trap tools that build your spin speed. they can be confirmed into a full combo on counter hit (especially st. LK, since it is plus enough on counter hit to confirm into a medium button)

What I’d try to do though, is try to end my pressure with at least slightly charged blade dash. That will still build my spin speed and depending on the amount I charge, I could catch them trying to press buttons during my offense. It also let’s me enforce the usual “will I DP?” mixup.


this patch coming in to days means every of my fighters of choice got an ulty … i´m a happy panda now …
kinda suprised that “not-a-mummy” didn´t get one …


You become used to using all of his over powered and imbalanced moves. It hurts to now loose that…but it was never totally fair to begin with. If I block you offense it should be my turn in most situations…with Fulgore it was never my turn. He could grab you off of every blocked plasma blade… and if he didnt want to grab you he could DP… and if you blocked that he could shadow air laser to safety… then wiz around with his teleport…and just when you think you got him he pip cancels and knocks you back down.

He isnt easy to use but in the hands of great players it was too strong.

Welcome to the semi even playing field now.

Great players adapt and create new situations that are OP…I suggest you work on taking him to the next level from here or switch characters.
But remember a lot f us that dont use Fulgore…if we are blocked we loose our turn most of the time. You just have to make better choices to avoid loosing your turn now.


I disagree. They may be well informed opinions (i.e. Rational opinions made in consideration of facts) but tier lists are subjective. All you need to do is look at all the debating around every tier list to recognize this. You may be able to generate a consensus opinion, but it’s an opinion nonetheless.

It’s a fact that Fulgore has a DP. It’s an opinion that Fulgore’s toolset makes him top tier


Wow what a great help you are. Most people I’ve seen said the frame data charges were unexpected and probably unnecessary. But you started ranting about fulgore and apart of fulgore that wasn’t really complained about as far as I’m aware. So your kinda being a hypocrite for ragging on the guy for complaining but you did the same.

Maybe he was down playing but from his post and thread he doesn’t seem to be doing it intentionally. He sincerely believes that meter is a huge part and the changes are detouring from the characters. Instead of helping or ignoring the post you decided to keep the conversation going. Good job.


Ok man… seems you are butt hurt about the nerf too. I get it, I would be salty if it was my main too. But it is what it is and you either move on or you dont. But the nerfs are made by people that make the game and understand how it will effect the entire cast.
Fulgore will be fine and so will you and the other guy. But one constant around here is you cant disagree with anyone without them going ape ■■■■.

And I NEVER ranted… I just read all of his posts and I made a reply based off his 15 post rant. You guys need to relax s little bit


Only a few characters saw “big” changes, and they are Fulgore, Gargos, and Thunder (and Shin Hisako saw a bunch of bug fixes). Arbiter saw a few buffs to his anti-air game.

Everyone else is almost exactly the same.