3.8 Patch Notes


Was hoping for some more information on ultimates. Aganos’ ultimate is pretty cool.


@storm179 I appreciate it, but please don’t do it on my account. I was already in a bad place with this game during 3.7, I fully intend to at least quit Fulgore if not the game on Tuesday. In all honesty I will say your encouragement at CEO really helped, so thank you for that, but I’ve spent just about every season 3 patch wondering what I’d lose next, and I can’t handle another 13 nerfs.

Also, sithlord and ztrain – good luck getting meter to do any of that now. If you play that way your spin speed will be perpetually at its minimum.


I have two questions

When zoning is it usually someones objective to gain meter?

Is Fulgore a bad character with meter?

I see you downplay Fulgore a ton when he has no meter but he still has tons of options without it.


I don’t know what else to say. It honestly feels like this forum would still think the character was top tier even if all of his buttons were removed except DP.

To answer your questions, no, zoning isn’t how people gain meter, but you also don’t expect to practically STOP meter gain for doing it, do you? Imagine if throwing your daggers meant you didn’t get any meter for the next 15 seconds. And no, fulgore is still good with meter, the problem, that I’ve stated many times, is that he doesn’t get any now. If you’re getting wrecked you might not even have 2 pips when your first life bar goes, and if they pressure you hard your instinct mode does literally zero to help. If you start out losing just quit. That’s why I started hating the game with 3.7. I didn’t come on here and complain about his previous nerfs. Losing max spin speed with instinct is what put me over, and this patch is just the nail in the coffin.

I guess you should be happy, there’ll be at least one less person stealing wins with such an obviously overpowered character on Tuesday. I probably won’t be the only one either.


I wish you good luck! Hope you find a character that’s super fun to you! Who knows? Maybe it’s someone you never thought you’d play. :slight_smile:


Thanks Ostrich, I’m torn between trying to figure out who to learn or if I’m better off just quitting. The sad thing is that if I pick someone “good” they’re subject to being buried next patch too.

IG is outdoing NRS


Meter isn’t really that important to Maya other than for wakeup DP and confirming lockouts so honestly it wouldn’t hurt that bad.
But honestly that is an unfair comparison as I need to throw daggers a ton and Fulgore doesn’t have to murder his spin speed to win.


Learn Sadira then! She’s bottom tier. No nerfs required. :smile:


This Fulgore debate and triteness got me like:


You DO realize that literally everything other than raw heavy laser requires meter while simultaneously destroying his spin speed right?


Try out people similar to Fulgore. It may spark something. Or, At CEO, you stated you were having a blast with Thunder. Maybe him? Or even someone like Glacius or Kan-Ra. The possibilities are endless.

Lol. Don’t know about that. Arbiter got a bug fix that’s huge for the character. You never know. :smiley:


Fireballs too with different speeds. And all your other specials that could be used to exit from your zoning to rushdown.

Sometimes, as a zoner, one or two good tools is all you really need. Just look at Shago’s zoning.


Thing about Fulgore is he’s an all-rounder. Hes good at everything. Problem is before Fulgore was damn near a master at everything that people didn’t truly explore every option he has.

I’d stick with him. He may be knocked out of top 3 now. But much like jago he’s definitely still going to be a force.

When I fight lemonhunter or when I use to fight Nicky or Rico’s Fulgore they don’t have issues managing meter at all. Ask them for advice. Well at least Nicky and lemon. They ways they build meter will still mostly be pretty viable.


I’m curious to see what they do, but again, I haven’t felt capable of building meter against any competent opponent since the instinct mode change. The domino effect of making his normals less safe is only going to make it that much harder to gain meter. I can pretty much say with certainty that this character is not for me anymore.

Playing the game just makes me frustrated now, and I was actually hoping they’d revert his instinct mode back to what it was with this new patch, or at least give him back some damage from his zoning since he gets less than half the meter that he used to. Seeing 13 new nerfs with no buffs is completely demoralizing for someone who’s already frustrated and was already contemplating quitting.


I’ve had some good amounts of success with Thunder when I started playing ranked (until I fought a player who crushed me two games in a row). I may do well if I fight someone of my skill level in quick matches. But I never thought he was so punishing as the nerfs make him out to be. I always saw him as an underdog, especially in the midst of Jagos, Shadow Jagos, Hisakos, and Shadow Hisakos and so on. That’s why I liked him. The general consensus is that the nerfs were needed so I guess it’s just me and my experience? I don’t mind being an outlier. So to be honest the nerfs had me a bit confused and nervous. I always felt like I had to work hard for my wins with him…If he was so punishing then maybe things won’t be TOO difficult to get used to again. I never want any character to give unhealthy balance to the game :).


I’m happy with the state of my main right now. His buttons, his style, his design, everything :heart: (okok, I wasn’t much of a rushdown with a charge character in the old days, but I adpated and liked it. Used to main normal Chris in KoF and he looks like a rushdown)
I think that buffing him would be dangerous and maybe the same with Sadira (don’t know if people still ask for Wulf buffs). I have fun with him and that’s what matters. Of course he has his bad MUs, which can be hard and a real challenge. I tried to use Fulgore for that but I’m not feeling totally comfortable because I just don’t have fun playing with him (despite him being one of my favourite designed characters from figthing games). I am and always will be a SheWulf XD


Believe me, you can act as if you never read the patch, and your matches will probably go the same way. Only hardcore/high level players will really take advantage of these changes. Don’t worry about it.


I think that the change on the normals is less impactful than the change on laser. Normally on pressure people do st. LK instead of cr. LK, since the former has always been more positive on block and hit.
The change on laser impacts more imo because now, when fulgore does that move on pressure, he will pretty much end his turn there. On a move that makes his spin start decreasing and could get shadow countered.


Nah, I’ll play him because the character is actually fun (much as it pains me to admit it :joy:), and because I think it’s interesting to approach the character in a bit of a different way.

I don’t think any of his changes were warranted besides the teleport visibility thing, but I also don’t think the character has been destroyed or anything.


Never thought I’d see storm say that about fulgore :smile: