3.7 Patch Notes


I also said how you act with ig.

You insulted first, you have to apologize. But no, it was my behavior right?

What i said about jago, i read tons of similar complains here.


Always the same thing;

Ig new awful decision > complains > warriors don’t accept criticism > fight > community flags.

Those guys are Awful, AWFUL!

Let the people voice their opinions/feedback and leave them alone, damn it.


It’s called intellectual debate, welcome to the forums.


You’re no faultless victim in this situation. On top of needless unconstructive whining, you say others refuse to accept criticism but refuse to genuinely engage with others who criticize your own arguments.

The fact of the matter is that Jago and Fulgore are very strong characters and it’s less than two days into the new patch. We don’t know exactly how these changes will affect them yet, but more than likely they won’t be so drastic that either of them will spiral down to C-tier. There’s absolutely no need for this kind of drama and calling out.


You know how to fix this?

“Ig new decision that i think is awful > present my views in a constructive way > discussion with other players > may lead to agreements/change”


I tried Jago after the patch and I’ll admit, it’s going to take some getting used to. But I’m sure I’ll adjust at some point.

Really the main problem I have with this patch is that it just makes fighting zoners much more of a pain to fight. :angry:


May I say something? The tons of complaints with Jago is only because it’s a big change, sure. But it has only been a day out in the wild.

I would encourage everyone to give it at least 2 weeks, them provide feedback. Then, you will be acclimated to the update, and can give good feedvack that the Devs can look at. :thumbsup:


You and your optimism, never change Ninja. XD


I talked to Thompson after KI WC - arguably the best Jago player out there. Did he think the changes would really impact his play?

“Not really. I’ll adapt around whatever is impacted, but I don’t anticipate a lot of change.”

Great guy, btw.

Also, it’s fine to not like things and voice your opinion on them, but insulting forum members (and devs) and accusing contrary views of fanboyism? I think we can all act more mature than that.


Thompxson really is one of the most chill guys in the community, and it’s helped by the amount of confidence he has. Nothing ever seems to get him down.


I’d also caution people against using the reasoning ‘This gave Jago some bad matchups’ to critique the change, as this was the intention. We are adding a weakness to a character who has none. We know adjusting can be tough, but these changes are here to stay so you should definitely try.

If your reasoning ‘but what about Fulgore?!’, we are keeping an eye on how Fulgore performs with the changes in THIS update and will adjust again as needed.


My question to everyone complaining about windkick is…Why were you trying to use a -4 move to try and get in on people. These changes will encourage better use of Jago’s other tools such as his fireball cancels and his normals which are still good to approach,which I believe IG was going for.


I definitely think the change he got will really affect his performance against rushdown characters.


I really need to put “IMO” after each word?



-10 on block


Sure, you can voice your opinion, but leave the crude, unnecessary remarks of someone you blatantly say is in love with IG out and there won’t be a problem.

People disagree with others, not surprising.

That said, redirect the talk back to the changes. Also,

Be constructive and have an open mind.

Onto the changes…

I thought the Jago changes are going to be very interesting, especially in the realm.of punishing an opponent. It’s going to require a lot of focus on your approach options but with a slow fireball as Jago does, he could get in within reason. Light wind kick isn’t a very punishable move by majority of the cast without a DP, or a quick shadow move, Wulf Shadow Ragged Edge.

I fully agree with the Fulgore change, it was hard to get in with something like that, especially with those who don’t have a form of teleport or air mobility


Oh my god the Raam buff is amazing. I’m sure it won’t be as good once people learn they can interrupt the kryll cancels (most of the time) but right now it just feels like I’m smothering people and they have no clue how to get out.



I liked your post. You know how to talk.

But, my mind is open, i just got angry cose here some dont accept complains.
They always try do deny you, even quote your post word-by-word to deny your opinions.


It is the way you worded your complaints that was the problem.It basically came out as “I am right everyone else is wrong”


Not in my head…
If they think like that, its their problem, not mine.