3.6 fulgore instinct suggestion

I’m drinking coffee in the wee hours 'o the morn, so Ima make it short.

fulgores instinct is pretty boring as is. how would you peeps feel if fulgore slowed down the drain on on his instinct meter whenever he used a pip cancel? So pull of some crazy skate Nate circa Nicky stuff and your instinct lasts longer! that’s pretty sick

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So essentially an instinct with a skill cap like saberwulfs to actually use it effectively.

or add another button press to shorten the speed of his reacter pip gain but it lasts longer? or fulgore could toggle between my suggestion above and how it currently accumulates meter

and for the love of God! please make a transparent fulgore skin so we can se that nuclear reactor working inside his chest.

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ya same idea. but not to the point where they nerf it on 5.7. that’s risk reward if I’ve ever saw it. go in for crazy mix ups and make your instinct last longer.

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I mean, if fulgore is hit with penalties that negate his reactor speed in instinct, why shouldn’t landing hits and mixups without using resources reward him? and that reward? up for discussion. I suggested a longer time while in instinct.

I like the idea it’s just that I personally suck with him so I wouldn’t be able to use it to its full potential lol.

dude this is my first brawler. never give up. make those losses fuel your knowledge.

as bill the butcher would say…

And I rose back up again with a full heart… and buried him in his own blood. He was the only man I ever killed worth remembering.

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I don’t think risk/reward means what you think it means. Same for resource, apparently.

Pips and pip cancels ARE resources. INSX is a resource which improves the value Fulgore’s other resources. Unreactable pip cancel mix-up attempts are the REWARD for the expenditure of a resource. Providing more of these attempts at unreactable mix-ups for attempting an unreactable mix-up is quite frankly kinda dumb. This would accomplish the exact opposite of what they said they were going for, making his INSX “more thoughtful”. Rewarding a reward so immensely is not in the interest of the game.

I don’t know what they’ll do, but I guarantee this is about as far from it as one could wager. Sorry to be an only semi-articulate bubble burster.

I always try to see what I did wrong when I lose but I wouldn’t lose with fulgore online anyway because I don’t main him :slightly_smiling_face:

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Normally, I’d be down for throwing around game play suggestions. However, since 3.6 isn’t exactly far away (11 days, if the release date of that Thunder costume is to he used as a tell) I’m fairly certain that any changes they have lined up are already set in stone.

So really this is going to be more a thread of predictions rather than suggestions. :stuck_out_tongue:

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not really. my later refined suggestions a few posts down kinda clears up what I was going for.

if they slowed down his instinct to somewhere in the middle speed and upped the spin speed for pip cancel mixups past its current speed, I’d pretty much negate all your concerns. I don’t think I articulated the idea well enough. sorry to stick some gum on it and inflate the bubble again. :wink:

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eh, maybe. this is fulgores 4th rework. never say never. i wouldn’t say it’s set in stone at all. especially when it’s obvious it’s very much still a work in progress.

I’m confused is Fulgore getting instinct buff or are they changing to something different?

Maybe when he is in instinct he gets a bonus for charging with full meter

I say that because a patch has to be submitted for approval long before it’s actually released. If they’re confident enough to tell us that something is coming (especially if they include a date) in means they’ve already sent their final build for approval.
This is also part of the reason why some bugs go unfixed between patches.

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hmmm. interesting. he already gets a dash boost for 8 pips maybe we can get even more buffs when we don’t use pips at all. it’s easy to accidentally spend a pip doing a move to early and doing so would end whatever fictitious buffs no one has suggested yet. lol. good idea

aw naw man. I got what ya meant :wink:. in the short term you are 100% correct.

They can add an additional pip that can only be filled when charging in instinct and that pip gives you a damage boost or maybe a new special move. Although the move wouldn’t be something crazy like a hype beam but maybe something like a short flight.

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here’s an idea. how about when fulgore has full pips any additional pips could go into a reserve bar, but having access to it uses your build up of accumulated instinct bar in a ratio directly related to the pips. if instinct is 100% empty you can’t have access to the reserve pips.

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