3.5 Patch Notes - Shadow Lords

would be really dope if they was 100% vfx skins. As it should allow you to see the background through the character. I wonder if there will be a second community or not anymore. This should be one of things to do through a KI fundraiser, vfx mimic skins & vfx shadow skins overhaul.

Or just make mimic Omens who mimic anything. And give gigantic characters non Omen shape. (leave’em with their own shape with vfx skin)

Any news on shago and omen accessories?

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Nope, nothing yet sadly. Really hoping they sneak them into this update.

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Oh, my, shadow Dark…

Since their earned from
Shadow points feel free to attack my shadow! My gt is Diamond Visi0n I’ll attack back.

I would be happy to smack your shadow around :smile: feel free to do the same to mine

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Double Purple Kim Wu Shadow Skin


Holy carp a skin that’ll actually match her clothes. lol


I know, my hype is intensifying by the second. :joy:


@rukizzel, I beg you, please, post the patch notes during north America morning, people from other timezones(like me) would love to see the patch notes before midnight :stuck_out_tongue:

At least could you give us an estimated time for the patch notes?

Thank you kindly!


And here goes my coffe over the screen!


So @BlitzedKraig , do you think we can get a guesstimate on what time 3.5 goes live? :smiley:

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Probably at Midnight, UTC time tonight. That’s 7pm eastern tonight.

I can’t say for sure, but usually they drop updates like this at that time.

I’ve never been so not excited for a patch.

I think I just need to take like a year break from this game. It’ll also save me from having to buy replacement controller parts every other month.

i would be more excited if i had seen the patch notes for the multiplayer instead of more particles effects

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Whoa are you raging and breaking your controller? Only my elite Has had to be replaced. Dang RB button.

Patch notes! Now! Can’t wait any longer!

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I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but I was hoping that the new article would be up in the morning.

6pm est here we come…


Now they are trolling…