3.4patch after not working TE2+ & madcatz pad

3.4patch after ,

not working madcatz TE2+ & madcatz pad

this is PC version.

what’s going on??

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I think the hardware is fully supported now with the caveat that you have to be running Window 10 Anniversary update. It may be that prior versions now don’t work, which is really quite unfortunate. But this is all speculation.

Anyways, more information on the Windows 10 update and how you can get it can be found here;

im windows10 update compeleted dude.

it have nothing to do with update.

this is KI 3.4patch problem.

I also have the same problem with my PS4 TE2+ after this patch. Tried everything to try and fix it but to no avail, even reformatted. I also noticed that the controller icon is always lit now even though I don’t have anything plugged in.

I hope they can fix this issue soon :frowning:

my MadCatz TE2+ ryu also it is not working, all games are running, mortal kombat 9, X, street fighter V, etc … only the killer that is not compatible to Play