3-4-5 breakers

Has anyone noticed the huge sudden trend in 3-4-5 breaking patterns on shadow attacks? Seemed like all at once it became standard strategy. Not complaining though, forces you to either force a lockout and use a shadow attack or take a risk and try to counter break.

I always mix it up. I usually go:


Yeah its a solid strategy it just seems like tons of people all at once started mixing up their breaking patterns and staggering them, not just high level players.

I wait for 345 due to if you start on the 1 online you are most likely going to get a timing lock out for some reason. So I just stopped trying on the 1… it has worked for me very well.

I like 1-3-5 or 1-4-5 because it really makes twitchy players scared youre gonna counter break lol those are my favorite to use to get them to drop their shadow attack so I can punish.


I mix it up every so often.

I used to do this until they caught on and just countered on the first hit or rollback locked me out.

Now I do 2-3-5.

I’ve noticed that, too. 1 is a tough one to hit.

Mainly on Jagos Laser sword for me.

Same here! That one’s rhythm is so easy, but the first hit’s timing is later than I always think it will be.

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I’m a real man - I only break shadows on successive hits…none of that sissy staggering my breaker stuff :tada::rage::tada:

MURICA! :flag_us:


And to that, i say…

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1-3-4 and 1-2-4 are the best ways to break.


Yeah I tried some 1-2-4 patterns today and they worked satisfyingly well. Great guide btw!!

Why is it you can be counter broken on just hitting the 1st of the 3? Ive been CB when I only hit the 1 and planned to do nothing more to actually bait out the CB. Shouldnt it only work on the actual 3rd hit that is the breaker?

From a strategic standpoint it makes you be a little more sneaky about how you break.

As a design decision, it pushes the counter break game more in favor of the offense. As a practical matter, it lets the counter game “resolve” in more interesting ways - if you could only ever counter the “true” break, then you’d wind up with bottlenecks in the counter similar to a skewer or crossfire recap. It also keeps counterbreaking mash shadows from being weird, where there aren’t even individual beats to be countered on.

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I love the breaking shadows mind game. I think it’s really satisfying to win on both sides (ie, baiting a counter break with just 1, 2, nothing, or counter breaking someone on the non-final hit, or correctly reading they will fake you out and letting the whole shadow rock). And, like most things in KI, the reward is there for the attacker if they win, because shadows have very smartly designed rewards (no KV penalty, huge damage, always free manuals after). So you are incentivized to play this mind game.

IMO there’s no other mind game like it in fighting games and it leads to tense moments in tons of matches.


This guy. He gets it.