2xp Booster Question

If I get the 2xp booster will it work offline? I usually take my xbox one to a friends house and we play alot of KI. I don’t want to use my ki gold on the 2xp booster if it won’t work offline I’ll just buy accessories for the characters. Any help will be appreciated

Yes it works on both online and offline modes don’t worry.

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Actually it doesn’t work offline.
At least for me it never worked…

And wait… there are more!
Maybe your season 2 and season 3 characters could not work offline aswell.

I know, it sucks… but aparently IG don’t care about this.

Good luck!

What? S3 doesnt work offline?

You still get all the characters offline my buddies and i play it offline no problem. Now if you picked up season 1 with Games With Gold in Jan. but you bought S2 and S3 if your Gold membership runs out you cant even boot the game up unless you renew or buy S1 it happened to me. but back to the topic I didn’t know if they had an internal clock for the 2xp when your offline or you must be connected to xbox live for it to actually work i just wanted to be sure before I wasted K.I. Gold

Sorry, what do you mean exactly with “offline”? Cause, if you want to buy xp boosters or accessories you need to go online anyway…
Th xp boosters, for what I experimented, are not enabled when the console is offline (disconnected console, internet malfunction, etc.).
The game needs to authenticate your account in order to let you use bonuses like that.

Instead, if you have a connected console (with an xp boortser enabled account) and play offline modes, then, xp boosters would work.

After you’ve bought/unlocked characters/accessories/seasons, they will works also offline without problems.

For me they work even in single player modes such as Story and Survival. You should be good.
The Xbox still has to be connected to Live though, but that’s going to be a thing regardless.

offline = no internet available

I have ultra edition in all 3 seasons.
And now after S3 update I am not able to select S2 and S3 chars when internet is off
Looks like this bug happens with a very small number of people (including myself).
That’s why IG don’t talk about this…

Kind of a bummer its weird because when I didn’t have internet I would have to take my xbox to my cousins to buy dlc and when I had leftover money I would get a 24hr movie rental from xbox take my xbox home and watch it later that night with no internet ( I’m sure everyone knows when you unplug a xbox and plug it in somewhere with no internet the time and date always revert to the default date and time…e.g. the 360 would always go back to 11/25 at 6am everytime it was unplugged) and the rental still only lasted the 24hrs due to an internal clock attached to the rental (Which I’m sure Microsoft has changed) to prevent people from just changing the time on their xbox to keep the movie longer. So why couldn’t they do that with the 2xp booster? I know its not that simple with them having to authinticate the account as Zero said above, but its food for thought. Sorry for the rant…well I guess I’m buying accessories lol. The 2xp would’ve been nice but I guess thats the price you pay for playing offline with friends. All help has been appreciated