2nd Community Fund - What do we want?

In the recent Interview with Adam Isgreen, the idea of a 2nd community fund was brought up and Adam share his personal ideas of what he’d like to see, Shadow Kim, Shadow Orchid, or Shadow Maya, now while this idea is cool, the ideas of more shadow characters kinda irks me, I had a different Idea, and im sure everyone else will agree…

OMEN REWORK, this is the perfect chance to finally turn Omen into what we want, a true demon, a true messenger, the TRUE Herald of Gargos, a better design and unique animations is what this character needs, who all agrees? who wants this?


You should make a poll so people can vote and IG can see visible figures.

I vote shadow orchid.

Why we need another shadow character? What about new charcters? They should bring unused Vampire back! I don’t mean try to complains about another shadow, but I think it’s waste characters. We need new and return characters than shadow characters.

Shadow Kim isnt a valid option till we see how she will come out and if she is fun/good to play. Although as someone mentioned somewhere else, having her possesed by an opposite holy dragon power or some such (its in another post) that might be a cool concept.

Maya I’ve finally started getting into her, didnt care for her at first and having to pick up them daggers everytime felt like a chore, however she’s growing on me and having just seen her storymode with the daggers trying to posses her,…another cool way to go with possesion.

Orchid I have no strong feeling for either way…At first I liked her quick moves but grew annoyed with her in storymode at higher difficulty when facing her and that damn cat instinct…also…hate her hair/face (please fix it). So I dont care for her being possessed, except for the sister link to Jago, there is no valid or interesting reason either…

So in short I wouldnt really like to see someone get possesesed by Omen again, but there are other possession options.

Having a good reworked omen would be a good idea that a lot of people would probably like, but which I am indifferent too, since I dont really care for him (granted a ‘serious’ rework, appearance included, could change that).

On another note, could this mean we will get an 8 character season, with an empty slot for another shadow character?

Nope on the Omen idea. I’ve always liked the way Omen looks. Leave him alone.

To reiterate what Adam said. The Season 3 cast is already locked in. They are taking the notion of any future community fund going towards another shadow version of an existing character. Not implying that they would or wouldn’t be made, just seeing where the interest in the community lies.

this whole fundraiser mentatlity done by giant corporations really puts me off.
you are giving them money before you even see the final product. only in this day and age, good god…

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Shadow tj combo

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My personal opinion on the matter is that they should NOT add another shadow character. That being said, a possessed Maya does sound interesting (and not by Omen either, but rather by her daggers).

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I want ultimates


Ultimates or Stage Ultras or more costumes/accessories/colors.


We need Shadow Omen.

No more Shadow characters, please. It’ll just cheapen the coolness of Shadow Jago.

If we get a second fund…

  • I want to see Omen get fixed. Give him his own animations, revamp his VFX a bit, give him more colors and accessories, give him a proper set of achievements, make him a “real boy” like Shadow Jago.

If that is off the table…

  • I want ultimates and retro stages, I know they said they’re expensive so we’ll pay.

  • Or even reworking the crummy stage ultra animations.

  • Or another set of retro costumes and or accessories/colors, something.

  • Even revamping season 1’s story mode to better resemble season 2’s story mode.


rework some s1 retros and stage ultra animations

eyedol retro stage if he does not get into s3

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You forget one more thing about KI story mode… I think KI’sstory mode should be like Mortal Kombat.

That would take a huge budget that they don’t have, that would have to wait for a sequel.

This would get MY vote.

Sad that they selected the three characters that I don’t want shadow versions of. If it goes through, I hope Maya because currently she is too flat/bland, IMO. A shadow version would spice her up…same for TJ.

Shark Character and I agree, why are they thinking we want more Shadow Characters. It doesn’t even make sense lore wise. Maybe Maya with her Dark dagger but I wouldn’t call that Shadow Maya, I would have called her Possessed Maya or something. Adding more shadow characters feels like it’s just jumping the shark.

Why not just make Omen a real boy with his own moveset and re do his looks. Maybe make it so that when he was released from Jago he needed another body to inhibit and went inside some samurai armor. Like this.

Also ultimate’s look cheap as they are. I wouldn’t fund new ones especially if people can just use them in fights like Annihilation and instantly get 30% damage. If they made Ultimate look unique with unique backgrounds then maybe I would consider them but seeing what the did with Shago’s completely turned me away from wanting to see more if they all are the same with the black background. I mean imagine fighting keep away characters and then finally getting close only to be hit with an annihilation type move. Imagine kan ra with that type of move, it would be the most BS move of all time. No ULTIMATES.

Actually a real way for IG and MS to get my money is for them to make a real story mode. Am not talking still screens and images I mean full on MK quality story mode. Now that is worth my money and something I would instantly donate 30 plus bucks on.

Why a story mode? Because a story mode would appeal to new comers more than any online mode. Even with assist mode on, it’s obvious by new twitch streamers that they are still not getting their heads wrapped around the system and are skipping dojo mode. btw, dojo mode is harder for people with assist mode on because of extra hits on the KV meter. A new real story mode would create bonds with new people and the characters and not make Jago and KI just seem like a Ryu SF knock off. A quality story mode is what real casual fans are after not the best rank system.

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I vote Shadow Orchid. Because If Jago TECHNICALLY has the same power as Orchid’s but used in different ways, that means that Gargos is able to manipulate Orchid the same way he can with Jago. Plus, Orchid is hurt emotionally, and on edge about everything, so what’s stopping her if a Superior being tells her he can give her the power to destroy Ultratech, Once and for all?


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