2018 Game Awards Predictions

Well, it’s almost that time of year again. I don’t know that the reveals are ever crazy exciting, but I’m curious to see if developers and publishers scramble a little to get their games in a spotlight knowing that they won’t have Sony’s E3 stage to showcase their games through in 2019.

So while I’d LOVE to see Mortal Kombat 11, Killer Instinct 4, a new Bloodborne or a new Legacy of Kain game, my gut tells me that at least two and probably all four are highly unlikely.

With that said, here are my predictions. What are yours?

-DLC reveal for Smash Ultimate directly from Reggie
-Watchdogs 3 reveal
-Life is Strange 2 next episode tease
-Below and Ashen revealed to be the first two games for Xbox Winter Games with Gold
-Obsidian reveals their next game
-Giant Sparrow reveals their next game

Now here are kinda my hail mary picks that I think are relatively unlikely but still possible:

-Arkane Studios reveals their next game and it’s not Prey or Dishonored related
-Respawn reveals their Star Wars title
-Respawn reveals Titanfall 3
-Reggie also reveals the long rumored Star Fox Grand Prix
-Microsoft reveals Fable 4
-Bioware gives us an ever so brief tease/reveal of the next Dragon Age game, perhaps just the title
-Rocksteady reveals their Superman game
-From Software reveals new Armored Core game

I want everything you’ve said. Along with the next Tekken 7 DLC characters and either Crash Team Racing N. Sane Edition or Banjo-Kazooie One + Tooie HD Collection.

I’m sorta hoping for a Bayonetta 3 trailer w/ some gameplay, since they announced the game at TGA last year.


Dark stalkers 4
Bayonetta 3

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a look at the new metroid would be amazing! samus’ next adventure should hopefully be very hype

would also like to know what arkane is up to, i liked the dishonored games. even though they made corvo take a back seat to part 2 -_-

You could choose to play through the entire game as him, right from the start. Not sure how that’s a “back seat.”

he felt like he was just an alternate story route, with kaldwin being the main one. it wasnt bad, just like ooook. so we are changing characters now, alrighty then. i need to replay it again, i wasnt happy with how i did towards the later stages. i was doing solid ghosting, but then rambo mode cuz of 1 slip up and i just let it roll

My Achilles heal with both games is that I want to play ghost, no death through the whole thing on the first play through. This means some stages take hours and hours of trial and error. I don’t know why I do it - it makes what would be a fantastic fun game a chore, but it’s like a compulsion. Anyway I did it with both games.

Edit: I played through as Emily and kind of enjoyed that it was different. My son blitzed through with Corvo as a murder machine.

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I predict it’s going to be a mediocre show, as it is every year.

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It was alright last year. The award ceremony itself obviously doesn’t mean much beyond fanboy fodder, but the reveals and new trailers were substantial.

im wondering what the deal is with alien: blackout, its supposedly a shooter

Well I guess one of those hail mary predictions wasn’t such a hail mary after all.

According to a leak (via GameInformer), Dragon Age 4 will be revealed at The Game Awards, so that’s cool, even though it’s apparently “several” years away. Kinda torn on that. On one hand, it’s awesome that they’re working on a new Dragon Age. On the other hand, why even bother revealing it now if it’s THAT far away?

Apparently the Metroid Prime Trilogy got listed for Switch in Sweden, leading to the rumor that it’ll be revealed at TGA alongside Metroid Prime 4. It would certainly be in line with what they did with Bayonetta last year.


ill gladly take prime trilogy on the switch, i cant find my gamecube anywhere and i dont even have the connections or controllers either lol. it would be awesome to at least see a trailer of 4, to give us an idea how the game will look


Can’t wait to see a new Alien game. Some of my favourite films and Alien isolation was perfection to me. Looking forward to seeing what’s next for the franchise. First title post Sega now too.

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alien isolation was scary as ■■■■. even made a few of my tough guy friends never want to play again LOL.

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