2017 KI Community Fund Update


The first time you used it in shadow Lords was strictly a demo type deal. You could unlock him and use him in shadow Lords only for one playthrough. Now that Kilgore is available to the public for use in all modes. The problem however is that when your grinding through shadow Lords for dossiers you will not find any Kilgore dossiers because there are no Kilgore mimics. That’s the bug @rukizzel is looking into.


So with Kilgore getting 50k for the tourney scene in his first month of availability, is it safe to say that this puts to rest the idea that the community can fund other stuff like more stages (as has been suggested in the past). Not a rhetorical question. Curious what people think.

Yes, Shago was four times as much and yes, there was likely more of a demand for real boy Shago than for Kilgore, but he hit 100K in what, three days? Had he been $5 instead of $20 though, I wonder how fast he could’ve closed the gap from the 25k he would’ve made in three days to the 50k Kilgore got in a month.

I also tend to wonder how many of that “6 million unique users” number are still playing even on a casual level given that the number of people that purchased Kilgore is less than 1% of that number and if this is an indication of this game’s current and future viability. Again, not being rhetorical.

The optimist in me thinks that a 4th season would generate more news / hype, as tends to be the case, and help bring people back, get more interested, etc. But I also think that they’ve built up a loyal base for this game that would appreciate a 4th season or continued non-seasonal support. I just wonder if that base is big enough to fall on the good side of “we’ll keep making stuff as long as you keep buying it.”


I assume daily amount of KI players fluctuates around 1000-2000 people. This does not mean only that many people play, just that many people play at the same time.


Do keep in mind shago fund included people buying the game and buying characers etc. But I do see your point


It did? I thought it was just the $20 for Shago. Huh, no kidding?

Either way I honestly wasn’t trying to make a point. I mean maybe with the idea about the community funding stuff like stages or whatever, but after that, I was mainly curious what people thought.


Yeah All game stuff included for the fund including shago.

though yeah I am still all for community funds if they add things to the game.


Thing is, proper content packs/expansions with stages, chars, new modes etc are more costly but probably sell more than individual char sales (especially overpriced ones). A season 4 would prob grab more attention.


This pay per every thing has to go- stop thinking this way it will bleed your bank account.