2017 KI Community Fund Update


To be fair multiple people bought shago multiple times just to add their money to the pile to get the shago move set. A lot less individual people actually bought shago than what the total money implies


Not disagreeing with you but you also have to remember that the shago fund cost $20 whereas Kilgore costs half that so it makes sense for it to have not made as much. Also a lot of people had wanted shago to have his own move set since the end of season 1 whereas Kilgore hadn’t been around/teased long enough to generate as much hype.


But the Shago fund gave you $20 in KI gold, a unique skin (at the time) and the promise of a new moveset for a character, as well as donated to tournament funding.

There was more reason for non-tournament focused players to donate, this time around the value wasn’t there so logically less people donated. I mean I bought the Shago bundle 3 times just to fund his moveset, I reluctantly bought Killgore once. Had they offered more, or had some in-game goal to fund I would have at least bought him twice.

I don’t think it had anything to do with Killgore’s popularity, they simply didn’t make the offer a decent one this time and they overestimated how many people actually care about payouts for players the general populace has never seen or heard of before. The average Joe isn’t going to pay double for a character so some guy will take home the prize at a tournament he doesn’t watch, he just sees the 2x price tag and says “no thanks” and moves on. Whereas with Shago you got instant gratification with $20 in currency and a skin you previously had to shell out $60 to obtain.

Long story short, Killgore’s fund wasn’t “worth” it and Shago’s was. Hence the reduced earnings.


Agreed. We aren’t the only ones who feel the same way, as Kilgore is now being forced into limited status as a means to “add value” to his steep price. Devs had it in mind as well, I hope the next character is marketed more efficiently.


Also, Kilgore is contributing $5 to that total every purchase. Shago was contributing $20, so 4x the amount per customer. Let’s not get the numbers too twisted here.

(That said, I agree that there is more perceived value in the Shago pack)


Does Shago purchases contribute to something these days or are these pure IG/MS profit?


profit i think… and shago i think was half…up to $100K limit…


Since his community fund is long since gone, it’s safe to assume that it’s going to IG/MS completely.

He’s $10 or so, yeah?


If the Kilgore fund was priced the same as Shagos it would be at $200k, double what Shago raised. We really can’t tell which one was more “successful” in buyer numbers since they never released how many people kept buying Shago after he reached his goal.


I just remembered something. The Shago community wasn’t just the Shago. Every purchase on anything KI went to the fund. They temporarily stopped taking profits for a bit and instead let everything go to the community fund. So there is a difference.


Yeah, I remember people saying they got their friends to buy ultra editions to support.


Speak for your self, I dropped 60 bucks on this, and when I went
to fight a fiends shadow online, KI asked for more money, things like
that are just not cool, and dont worry MS has plenty of money.

Community funds = Corporate welfare.


MS asked you money to fight a friend’s Shadow? Thats new. MS isn’t KI. They run KI and if it isn’t possible, they stop KI. The devs at KI are not MS. They are IG. IG doesn’t have a lot of money so they need the community fund for tournaments. The Difference between community fund and welfare is that community fund are completely optional for you to participate in.


Dont start twisting things, I said KI asked for “Point or whatever” that leads
to money transactions, And no matter how you spin it, MS OWNS KI.

Keep your community funding to yourselves, dont force it
on paying customers who dont want to buy into it.


You obviously have not read this thread.


You get the points by fighting against Shadows and letting others fight yours. It only takes a few minutes to get the points.


If you mean shadow points then you cannot pay for them with real money even if you wanted to.


Ok lets not twist the focus to shadow points and
thinks about the point im trying to make.

(I dont think community funding, by customers is appropriate.)


No one is forcing you to pay for the community fund though. People who want to participate can do so. Those who don’t can just not participate.


So why do I still have to pay for kilgore?
and where does that money go?