2 versions of KI. 1 beta, 1 more stable

So i was going through the forum exploring and what not. stopped buy the bug thread and wooooh. its hot as ever. The spinal meter glitch and a few other after what is it now 2.9? after 2 years, this shouldnt be happening to an established game but alas were all human. So instead of making someones main unplayable just have two versions of the game. as the title suggest, 1 beta and 1 stable. i only main one character. if this happened to me i would be raving in urination.with all these bugs and destroying characters with each patch i would highly suggest it. just delay the current build to the next month and only update the things that dont kill your game. rumor has it the spinal patch is inbound and waiting on certifaction after 2 weeks. Dont do that to your dedicated players! the devs reply might be something to the effect of, “we cant do that because of X,Y and Z” but we all know thats c rap. give us a more stable game and stop pis sing off your players. (see what i did there :P)

The game is still less than two years old. It came out Nov 22, 2013. If you can’t even count you probably shouldn’t be complaining about the bugs. The game is perfectly playable. They fix bugs as fast as they can. You think they are sitting around saying “hey let’s introduce some more bugs to the game?”

The idea of having two versions of the game is untenable. This is why virtually no game works that way.


i totally respect your opinion, but the fact is that opinion is clouded at best. xbox now has a game preview section, steam has a green light preview program. Devs constantly have betas. having a duplicate game that isnt a constant bug hunt or have to deal with the issues for months, is a great idea. AC: unity was playable as well but certainly unpleasant. im not suggesting things are that dire in anyway. I bet your main isnt even spinal and you arent having theses issues, i think that your comment is rather selfish honestly. Break free of your mental shackles brother and think about possibilities before expressing thought. The lighting in the last update is sick, and it gimped spinal in the process. two versions would insure a person has a main for 2 weeks and its a way to insure only the most stable patches make it into the game. so if i am unable to count and spinal isnt your main, then dont reply. simple. see what I did there? SUPREME VICTORY

After reading your response to his post, I’d have to say your opinion is the selfish and immature one. You asked for others opinions, and when you didn’t get the one you wanted or expected, you brushed him off as if it doesn’t matter. Every opinion matters, and no one holds any more weight over another’s.

As for your suggestion, no version of any modern game is going to be completely free of shortcomings, and until the game is in the hands of the masses, some will undetected and broken for lengths at a time. IG then works quickly to solve these issues, and as they do, some new problems may arise from the additions of new code, and it’s impossible to foresee these things. But suggesting they wait until the game is 100% free of all bugs to release new content is absurd and unreasonable, as we would probably go YEARS without any new content at all if they adhere to the strict guidelines you are suggesting.

And personally, I find your opinion a little bit too entitled and clouded. Like Andy said, NONE of these glitches or problems are game breaking, and if one or two little things annoy you this badly, perhaps you need to switch games for a bit. Two versions of the game requires extra resources and management that could be spent on other tasks. They are developing Season 3 and the PC version simultaneously, cut them a BREAK!

Finally, Steam’s greenlight program is FAR from perfect, and I think it’s given a lot of PC gamers this unattained sense of entitlement. There’s no reason you should get one version of the game held to your specific standards. We all play the same game, get used to it.

I’ve seen a bunch of games on PC do this, but I don’t believe it would work for the Xbox One, due to the fact that every single game has to be installed. I’m not sure what the size of KI currently is, but I’m sure it’s over 15 GB by now, and the hard drive sizes on most Xbox Ones aren’t amazing. Having two versions installed on the One could be confusing, and would split the community, in the end, because you couldn’t really have someone on ‘Stable’ fighting someone on ‘Experimental.’

The ‘Experimental’ branch is most likely the inhouse testing branch at IG, and I suspect either the bug was missed during testing, or the rollout of the newest version of the files had some kind of problem which caused the bug.

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It currently sits at around 22-23 GBs of HDD space at the moment. If you want to see for yourself how much, the easiest way to check is highlighting the game on the home menu or pins, hitting start, and selecting the “Manage” option. It’ll take you to a screen where it will display the size of the game, all the DLCs you gotten for it, and how much space they are taking up. It’s also another way you can delete them if you want.

I wish it were simpler like on the 360 with a central HDD management system. The management system on the X1 isn’t user friendly, and I hope it’s changed with the release of the New Interface in the coming months.

Hope that helps.

I wasn’t sure of the game size only because I’m not at home - I actually use the game management stuff fairly often to uninstall/reinstall my games.

Thanks for the the info anyway!

I didn’t have any trouble with Unity either quite frankly. The problems with that game were wildly exaggerated.

But forgetting that, let’s just look at the suggestion at hand. Why not have a “beta” mode for the game?

  1. It splits the community. Not just people avoiding new bugs, but anyone who doesn’t like their character being nerfed goes to the beta version instead. We’ve already see. Some people demanding a “Season 1” version of the game that sets the S1 characters back to their original incarnation. How many versions should there be?

  2. Just implementing this will take a ton of time and resources that could be better used patching out bugs. Think about the infrastructure required for maintaining two, simultaneous but separate versions of the game with full online functionality. Yikes!

  3. Confusing the hell out of the community.
    4.MS is just never going to go for this in their cert process

haha. im not a salty individual by any means. delaying a build for a month dosent mean we will have to wait a year for content. i value andys thoughts and concerns but leave my mathematical prowess out of the comments :stuck_out_tongue: If u wanna raz people fine, but dont get salty when the poster replies. IG can easily have 2 versions clearly named and visible to customers. that, or give the “experimental” build to the preview members before public release. it would cut down on the salt due to infinate ultras and annoying pip sound cues and god knows what else. it’ll even provide the DEVS with 1 more month between character updates and trailers. Spinal gives me free meter when he curses me. lol for a game that relies on careful management of resources i think that IS border line unplayable. Certainly unacceptable for a season 1 roster. The facts are every patch breaks something. two versions would take zero resources and time into the main game. "DEV: this patch 2.9 is pretty buggy. ok, lets roll it out to “whoever” and not to the main game. The versions are already certified bro. Its a good idead. dont be scarred :stuck_out_tongue:
ANdy- the “beta” beta version wont update stats or anyhting just pure QA testing. Running on the same servers. Jesus they have 300,000 of them. microsoft is a power house in that anything is possible

and lol @ not having problems with unity. dude i got every AC game released and i sure had a problem with the quality. im sure thats why the game was 40% off within 3 months
Iron flame@ where in my post did i mention waiting untill its 100% bug free? i think i said 1 month…wow…just wow

Microsoft has contracted a single small team to take over development of this franchise with a decidely lower budget than it’s shooter titles like Halo and Gears. I don’t know where you get this idea IG is given money to throw recklessly at KI’s development, but those of us who appreciate IG’s efforts know to cut them some slack as they do a lot for all of us, even the more unreasonably demanding portion of the fanbase, on a less than stellar budget.

And you want to create another version of the game, to cut in half its already exclusive player base even further? BTW, two versions would take more than zero resources to manage, it’s not by any stretch a fire and forget strategy. I think you underestimate just how big an undertaking like that really is.

Also, Border line unplayable, aren’t you being a bit melodramatic and exaggerating the truth? Inconvenience yes, but unplayable is a big jump with a lot of grey area in between. I’m just gonna call shenanigans on that.

:stuck_out_tongue: fulgore is reliant on smart management of meter to win. Spinal takes away those resources to his advantage and quite honestly i loathe playing against him and its spinals ability to take away those attrubutes of his opponents, that make his very trait who he is. and thats not unplayable? 2 versions one certification. easy. IG certainly had resources devoted to batman arkham knight. i think its you who are making it more difficult than it should be. My suggestion adds multiple layers of competency to the game, like it or not. PC already gets s&!t on when it comes to bugs. im sure they’ll be less than pleased with this current method.
better still, send out pre beta KEYS to 500 people. There is absolutely no reason everyone who plays KI has to be in the placebo group. Iim not asking for the moon here people. I might be mistaken but didnt microsoft remove the fees with updating a devs game. im sure that they did

I’m not in the slightest bit salty. But I think it’s very relevant to put forward the idea that you are putting the same level of thought and quality of analysis into this suggestion as you did into figuring out how old the game was. Coming back with “nah, it would be easy,” isn’t really a cogent argument. Anyway it’s nothing to me. You’ve made your suggestion and it doesn’t seem to make sense. I’m sure if it’s secretly brilliant that IG and MS will pick it up right away.

No, it’s not unplayable. While you may not like that your meter drain isn’t working right, you still have an unbelievable pressure game to pull off with his skulls and projectiles without the meter drain abilities, as well as some quite good normals and specials to put up a great defense. Unplayable is you not being able to execute a special move at all and hitting forward makes Spinal walk backward.

Your suggestion adds mutliple layers of complexity and discontinuity between versions of the game and will only divide the player base rather than unify it. And sending out beta keys isn’t a useful solution either, as you only work to alienate the fans who will ALL think they deserve one, when in fact, they will most likely only go to major tourney players. Just because a PC based gaming company does it doesn’t mean it works in all situations. On top of that, the fighting game division had little to do with Arkham Knight.

Regardless of those sentiments, a fix is incoming shortly. I’m sorry your character got hit with unintended consequences, but you’re talking about MAJOR, expensive changes to settle what really is only a minor problem. Spinal is still very playable and viable, it’s not like they are gonna leave him in that condition where one of his tools is broke. But getting on here with an entitled attitude and demanding change isn’t going to help anyone, it will only aggravate things. The method of problem solving and fixes has worked for this long, there is no need to waste resources on splitting the game into parts just to have a few guinea pigs see if they can find problems, which will most likely still get unnoticed until its in the hands of the mass public.

lol. im day one bro. surely dates are irrelevant but for you, it seems your more concerned with counting the months of the year than the months of buggy releases. obviously the DEVS make money porting games. in fact up untill now thats all they have done. so its not a far stretch that something simple like this could be impelemented. that thought process reminds me of my kids wining. “but dad…it’s too much work”. then they can fail and everyone can make note of it. Simply put KI is a great game indeed. i love this game beyond words. if it is to survive and flourish it has to have at least a small amount of quality assurance. other than, “opps my bad, ill fix it next month.” here ill make it easier for you. forget all the other posts i made and just concentrate on the one that mentions spinals traits.

so what you are saying is that he still has his basic move set (which is pressure and what not) and that is ok? well my reply is that feeding jago meter when be has a battery ender is unplayable. any character with one as a matter of fact. feeding fulgore meter for a shadow teleport on a whiffed projectile is unplayable. feeding aganos meter to wall you in is unplayable. feeding maya meter so she does a level 7 ender is unplayable. im going to stop there because i dont want others to lose sight here. playable is that i have a fair chance (given my skill) set to win. if a 1 vs 1 player games makes that unfair, why should i play if i cant win? therein lies the question. If one person loses the other wins due to this bug its by definition unplayable, or unfair as hell. if your happy with seeing animations play out when a button is pressed and thats good enough for you, then by all means.

Then we’ll have a split between what is what. his might be unnecessary and could maybe expend more resources to manage both versions.

Yeah, it’s rough Spinal players have a big setback to deal with, but it’s not the first time Spinal has had something needed to be patched, and to justify creating a 3rd version of the game (public, private, development) and add extra manpower and time to manage a pointless version of the game with a minute player base that in all honesty still won’t catch every bug that comes to pass, it isn’t reasonable.

I can understand you’re mad your only main is in a bad state, but they haven’t forgotten about it. MS did lift the fee to amend games with patches, but it still takes time to get a fix that works in place, test it, certify it, and send it out. But finding artificial ways to divide player base and make certain players feel more special than others isn’t going to change what happened nor prevent it or anything like it from happening again. The statistics are just against an immaculate, bug free release, no matter how extensive the playtest phase, or the circumstances by which it is conducted.


it just come with the seasonal format, just report what ever bugs you find and it’ll get fixed eventually

so that’s it then. Just roll over and open your mouth to what ever they peddle you? Instead of focusing on how my ideas suck lol :stuck_out_tongue: if I were you guys i’d be taking theses ideads for inspiration for other ideas. This is America is it not. by definition we steal others ideas and make them better day in and out. how sad. so your telling me we have to devote 100 % user base to find bugs. well ive done my part for 2 years (looks @ Andy :frowning:) im done unless i get paid.

The longer this thread goes, the more it becomes apparent that all you’re interested in is having people agree with you, instead of having an actual discussion about the topic. The Spinal bug is certainly unfortunate, but it’s been addressed by IG and is in the next fix.

Multiple logical points of view have been stated regarding why creating an additional version of KI isn’t really a worthwhile solution, but your responses seem to boil down to “I think they should do it, so it should be IG’s priority.” Like I said, you’re not looking for a debate or a discussion, just people who completely agree with you.

As for the idea that QA will find every single problem or bug before a program or update goes out, I work in QA for a software company, and that is absolutely untrue. QA will find MOST of the problems, but some problems will arise from unique or unpredictible situations or combinations of factors, and other times deploying the latest release can ■■■■■ up the already QA-Ok’d files, causing unexpected problems which might not even be directly related to what was being fixed or changed in the first place.