2 questions? Gaming Chair and High Resolution TV

Hey everyone, I have 2 questions about getting the best equipment possible for a decent price. Im sure many of you either have or know the answer to these.

  1. Gaming chair- I’m looking for something comfortable with head and neck support that is easily movable as well. I seen a few on the Walmart site and on amazon. I’m just not sure whats best. I don’t like the ones that seem to sit on the floor and “rock”. I would like something i could set on my couch like a “booster seat” LOL

  2. I noticed that when watching KI on a computer screen, the details look so much sharper than my TV. Now I have a great TV (SONY KDL-46XBR). I want my KI to look super sharp and HD. What TV that’s 46 inches or larger best for HD gaming?

Thanks for your help everyone. I look forward to everyone’s opinions!

To be entirely honest, if you want to PLAY better, you need a lagless TV. BenQ sells pro monitors for a few hundred dollars that have 1ms delay and are about 28 inches.

If you dont want that, there are a few companies that make industrial TVs that are big, and lagless, but dont look good because they have no extra picture processing.

If you aim for the best possible picture, you will get the MOST possible lag.

Have you tried adjusting the settings on the Tv? I’m afraid @MrxFlutterShy is right. Plus I don’t think you are going to find a better picture than a Sony tv. I like Samsung myself. The game looks good.

He’s right about the lag though. Although. I have to say I’ve been playing fighting games on flat screen tvs for a long time without worrying about it. Maybe I’d be better at breaking shadows with a lawless monitor, but I doubt it.

For monitors, my friend has a Asus, which is the same brand used at EVO. Those are nice. But for Gaming Chairs, I’m in the same boat as you Seraphs, Lol. I need one too. XD

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Thanks everyone…Im not trying to play better. No issue there with my TV on the “LAG”. I just like how great the game looks when watching it on my laptop through twitch on the highest Resolution or Quality.

Im just thinking ahead as one day I will be getting a new TV soon. My TV is great (Sony Bravia) but its getting a bit old. I believe I got it 6-7 years ago…cant remember. It looks fine…but I noticed that the KI at the Game stop TV looks a bit “better”.
Ive adjusted the Video settings and there are a few settings that Ive read about to change that my TV doesn’t have.

I just want to get the best set up possible for a family room…I def do not want a small monitor…I already have one of the best. A portable Gaemes G155 18 inch monitor.

Now I just need a good chair lol

Keep in mind that high quality online videos apply a lot of image processing too - so achieving that visual quality while actually running the game (as others have mentioned) may very well give you some lag.

The only thing I might recommend is look into a TV with a high refresh rate. My guess is your 6-7 year old Sony is at 60Hz. If you double that to 120 or go to 240 you might notice some improvement in the visual quality - but for the love of God don’t turn on any of the smoothing/“real motion” features because that will wreck the game.

“Smoothing”? that sounds familiar but I dont think my TV has that. Yeah I believe its 60HZ.
Im going to look into it again today.

SO another question is in the Xbox settings itself…there are several video quality setting. Bit rate and color , ect… Anyone know the best in Xbox settings?

I don’t think you will get very much out of playing with those. It has to do with the number of colors that your monitor is capable of displaying on a per pixel basis. I would just leave it at auto detect. In theory the higher the number the better, but if the monitor doesn’t display it you won’t notice.

Ahh ok…thanks. What about the Htz settings? is that the same thing or different? I believe there are 2 points, both have Auto detect and then 2-3 selections.

My TV and game work fine…I just want to get the most out of what I have if possible.

So if I get a new TV later this year…I want the most re-fresh rate as possible? Any other specs I need to consider?

Asus VH236, a big yoga ball to sit on, and a TV dinner tray to hold my fightstick. Have a few drinks (but drink responsibly, 21+ only) and bounce around on the ball like an idiot while waiting for my match.

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You can look up various displays on that site to see how they rate from a lag perspective. It stands to reason that it costs substantially more to get larger displays that are quick. As in most fighting games as you get better you will certainly notice a difference in how the displays respond. I can break heavies on reaction normally but when I play on my brothers large TV that he bought at walmart during some christmas sale I often miss them if I don’t respond during the beginning of the animation.

When it comes to gaming chairs you get what you pay for. I recommend spending your money wisely and buying a chair that’s well built as there are a lot of cheaply built knockoffs out there.