2 EXTREME problems with KI (PC ver.)!

1st, Kim Wu (DLC) is not installing!

I bought Kim Wu (DLC), but every time I click install, the game starts processing, then returns
to the install screen! I’ve e-mailed Microsoft about this with the Order ID, and Receipt.

I’ve also sent a message to kaylie.collier@microsoft.com, but haven’t receive a reply back yet!

2nd, just noticed the Horror Pack I purchased last year, is not working on the PC ver.!
The 3 Characters are still shaded out! (And yes, I’ve already did the XBOX <> PC syncing.)

has she installed on your xbox one ok?

The XBOX1 is not even detecting that I bought her!
Only showing something like > 3 days, 10 hours, 20 sec…

3 days later, and still no answer, or Fix from anyone, thanks a lot!
Where’s RARE when you need them! :disappointed:

Is Kim Wu available for individual purchase yet? I thought a couple of the season 4 cast still were not available.

I was able to buy her a few days ago for $4.99 on PC
but she won’t install! Have I been ripped off? :cold_sweat: