2 and a half years later

…I finally finished lesson 32 in the dojo. I would like to personally slap the people who created it. Thank you.


Congratulations. :stuck_out_tongue:
Welcome to the club

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1st I’d like to say, congratulations!

2ndly, you won’t have to worry about slapping the people who created it, since the people who created it belonged to Double Helix (DH) and they went out of business, so…

3rdly, I know how you feel - it took me seemingly forever to complete it myself and drove me nuts too. That last dojo lesson can be a real you-know-what. Once done though, it felt like a massive weight of responsibility and accomplishment was lifted off of my chest. The sigh of relief afterwards was the longest one I’ve ever had. Did you feel largely the same way upon completing it?

I’m stuck on lesson 30. The juggle light DP to heavy DP… my thumbs, man… my thumbs.

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If you’re having trouble with the motion on the DP, instead of thinking about it like this:

Think of it like this instead:

Which is similar to a QCF move:

…but with a :arrow_right: in front of it.

That way, it’s 1 less input, and looks much easier to do (and actually is!). :wink:

As a matter of fact, you might actually even get away with doing this:

…but it’s not as easy on the eyes or fingers. :unamused:



Now, I give you cookie…

Thanks man. I’m able to land many DPs, in a row, in practice but not so much in game. My input looks like your last entry (minimal input). I’m not all over the place but I’m playing pad with the analog stick and i think it’s a bit sloppy and could use a higher spring coefficient. One day, I’ll drop the $200 on a fightstick and see what the hype is about. My dash game suffers from the poopy analog stick.

Are you sure you aren’t dropping it from doing the first DP too late? You have to hit them with the light DP at the pinnacle of their jump

It’s the part where i AA with crouch HP the follow up with the two DPs. I spent an hour there. Sucks so bad i haven’t tried in a while.

Yeah you have to anti air earlier than usual there as well, it is really weird and the lesson after it is waaay harder, I hate the lesson after it so much… But yeah you have to anti air earlier than usual, and what I don’t get about them teaching you this is that they really are so situational that you would never use them. When you dp in a real match up tends to be on reaction so you catch them as they are falling lower to the ground, and if you do that you won’t be able to get anything off of it. Morale of the story it is stupid

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im glad i’ve finished it 1 month later having the game and xbox one all together (1 year ago) :smile::wink::sunglasses:

I’m going to be honest/blunt here and ask why you’re using the analogue stick for a fighting game? I can personally never understand how, or even why people would believe the analogue stick to be the better option compared to a DPad that can only handle 8 directions at 45 degrees between them, as opposed to the 360 degrees with no specific directional differentiation.

Other than that, I want to congratulate everyone who’s got anywhere near lesson 30 - I haven’t been able to do it yet due to lack of a guide (which I’m attempting to sort out for future players with no sight).


My d-pad crapped out and i got used to analog. I stuck with analog because it’s much better for qc input, imo. It’s better for everything but dash, again, imo.

That lesson is kind of funny because the juggle combos they test you with are completely impractical lol.

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They didn’t go out of business. They got bought by Amazon and are now a part of Amazon game studios. So they can still be slapped.

Personally, the d-pad makes my hand hurt. When I used to play smash brothers brawl before I got an actual controller (IE using the wiimote), my hands always hurt after a session. And on Pokken, the one game I do use the d-pad on, my hands hurt, albiet less because it’s a good, softer d-pad on a wii u pro compared to a wiimote d-pad. Also, it’s hard for me to input diagonally on the d-pad, a lesson I first learned as a little kid playing Pokemon. That makes QCF and QCB somewhat hard and DPs are admittably somewhat easier. I can input them either way though. So I can see where this person is coming from.

I totally understand if your dpad doesn’t work, but I’ve never found ANY motion easier on the analog stick compared to the dpad. The range of motion and precision it allows let you rip out inputs WAY faster than an analog stick and with perfect repitition. You can knock out full motions on a dpad barely twitching your thumb, vs the analog stick that requires you to move your finger over a MUCH greater distance.

Just my .02 of.course, but if I were you, ID drop the cash on a new xbone controller and learn the dpad as opposed to the analog stick. There is a WORLD of difference.


I play on an arcade stick, and I feel a 360 stick is more natural for a quarter-circle motion for some people. The d-pad just hurts my thumb after awhile. I get what you mean about “no-specific directional”, but once get used to it, the inputs feel very fluid. Ultimately, it’s really just up to personal preference.

I appreciate the sentiment. Here’s one for you to get your heads around though… I don’t play using my thumb for the DPad, I use my index and middle fingers.

Back on topic though, I’m looking forward to tackling the Dojo if I ever get the information together to do it (and I know that’s noone’s fault specifically, but that’s just a thing that happens I guess)

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Lesson 32 is kinda weird. Like what @SonicDolphin117 said except I’d like to add that most of the combos also include opener-ended which is kinda ridiculous :smile: