1st time ever seeing a double KO!

So in my entire time playing KI3 i’ve never seen this happen, i didn’t even know it was possible till now… anyone else ever actually managed this? I laughed when i saw it because I didn’t quite know what had actually happened.


It’s incredibly rare, but it does happen. I can count how many times this has happened to me on 1 hand, and I’ve been playing since S1…

So what happens if this occurs in a best of three match in ranked? Does no one get a point?

Yep, the score remains the same. So if it’s 1-0 and you get a double ko then it will remain 1-0. In a tournament though it counts as a win for both players so a 1-0 would turn into a 2-1.

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Yeah, they happen some times and the are really fun IMO.

Lol for me and my brother @Justathereptile it’s almost common.



I wonder when our next double KO will happen. I swear being twins it’s almost inevitable.



Join the club me and Jeff did hat twice.

I’ve only ever had 3 double KO’s and I’ve been playing since launch. It’s definitely a rarer occurrence in KI than in other games. I’ve racked up quite a few in Blazblue CF, Guilty Gear Xrd, and King Of Fighters despite having played them way less than KI.

My first Double KO happened at KI World Cup when I was playing the S3 preview. I was playing a Kim mirror and we were both mashing HP as a last ditch effort. That was also the time that I screamed “NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” after a long time.


Been playing since launch but it has only happened to me one time.

Yeah that happens rarely: