12/9 Textual Stream - The One that Wraps the Community Survey

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I admit, at first I was unsure about the PD changes but if it only gives out 50 percent damage that’s not so bad. I don’t remember the nerfs Cinder’s going to get but to my best memory it sounds like it might not be so bad either. I guess we’ll see.

Personally if we get more accessories, I wanna see some more stuff for Omen and Shago needs to actually GET something for once.

If Riptor was getting something I’d like a set that just makes her look like a dragon, lol.

I know one thing I’m looking forward to the most of all: ULTIMATES! I hope they’re being truthful with these “ultimate” wording and hints. Now I can truly finish off my foes and have the drive to do better to keep my green lifebar.

If you’re able to an Ultimate online and it’s against someone who’s got experience in the game, I’d say that’s a badge of honor lol. Assuming of course we actually do get them.

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It hard to believe that ultimate came in second place


Doom guy performs an impressive amount of physical brutality in the new Doom. I feel like he’d be able to defeat most of KI’s cast even without his guns.
And considering he’d probably be based more on the new Doom, he’d likely use instances of alt fire from the weapons in that game rather than always shooting standard guns - giving him homing missiles, stun bombs, a charge-up laser, lifedrain grenades and such which could be used like some of Dante’s or Chris’ arsenal in MvC3.
With regards to James Bond and Master Chief, I also don’t see them being capable of any meaningful melee combat outside of Goldeneye’s slappers only.

But many new suggested characters do use lots of guns, and it seems like it would be difficult to make them feel distinct or interesting. We already have a few characters with grenade-based setups and others capable of projectile zoning in unique ways.


Just having a character named ‘Doomguy’ in KI would make my head spin. Thats like the Xenomorph being called Alienparasitebeastie…

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He could be “The DOOM Slayer” like they call him in DOOM(2016).


That Doom guy does have a name - sadly, I can’t recall what it actually was. My brother read the official novel way back before Doom 3 was even a thing.


His name is Flynn Taggart

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Bingo! We have a winner!

Yeah, that’s definitely it. Did you read it too, or just look it up?

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Wiki is my best friend.



Fulgore changes wtf PD is coming very disappointed I can’t believe were changing the combo system just because of aria this is Bull***t.


Ultimate will bring rage quit city lol


im glad ultimate was top voted. Now nobody can deny how important this feature are.


It needs to have pop culture references? Don’t know if my character idea would work now. @GalacticGeek can you draw? I’d like to make a concept drawing of my guy but I can’t draw for jack.


I can draw, but mostly with a cartoon style, so I’m not sure I would be any good in this instance…


I totally despise the Shark-man idea…I pray to Gargos that he never makes the cut.
I wouldn’t be too upset with a shadow Orchid, Id rather have other ideas come to fruition, but I wouldn’t be mad because that means Omen is involved and any time Omen gets the spotlight I’m happy!

Now out of all the choices in the survey I voted for the Cthulhu / Lovecratian. Now what I would totally prefer is a Bloodborne type Hunter character. A Victorian hunter with the leather outfit and that British looking hat… flint pistol, some sort of cleaver weapon, maybe a whip, and some magic. Basically the Bloodborne hunter LOL

Yes I know Maya is a monster hunter, but Im just saying what I would love to see.


If they make a S. Orchid, I’ll survive, I just don’t want her called Shorchid. Such a terrible name… :no_mouth:

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Pretty sure it’s already too late.


It’s never too late! What’s a darker, more dangerous flower that’s similar to an orchid? Let’s call her that!

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And here I thought it was John Grimm.


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I’ll ask my brother when he wakes up - he’ll know for sure. In any case, it probably wouldn’t matter - many franchises have taken liberties with names across different mediums, and it wouldn’t surprise me if this is 1 of those cases (in other words, both could be correct).