12/9 Textual Stream - The One that Wraps the Community Survey

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With claws? I don’t think he wants to fingerpaint.


I have thought about it, instead of making Shadow Orchid an actual shadow character make her an evil clone; she should be the polar opposite of Orchid. Give her a double sided, red, electric baton. Give her a black hood, her name should be Roxy. I pretty much want ‘Shadow Orchid’ to look like a sith lord.


Shorties, you da best. You da you da best. The best the genre has. The best that gaming has.

I would be shocked if these aren’t covertly polling new skin (ala Legend of Thunder) options. I doubt they would sink their design sensibilities low enough to actually consider these playable options. Especially Shorchid, which is already a thing, and that’s why Shadow Skins are good.

JDark you say? Sure, we could use more traditional designs. Gunkata is neat. Sad that Lovecraft was only 4th, and Wendigo even lower.


Thanks for the stream. Glad to see JD up there.

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Pretty sure that those are only low because the masses of uninformed voters probably had no idea what lovecraftian and wendigo were.


Who said Im angry? lol… I was just explaining to the dude about why Orchid would receive first. Of course not everyone in that FB group is a turd… just the majority of vocal posters their…nothing more. Compared to the forums that group is sheet. Moving along…


Giving him a hug It’ll be okay. Who knows, the nerfs may not be as bad as it seems

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Personally I did but Shorchid very low on my list because I felt a possible shadow version of Orchid would just make Shago well…less of a thing…

I also did put Joanna Dark lowest on the list. But in my top 4 the sharkman, the archer, the wizard, etc. All were characters I put high on the list because I don’t think there’s anything wrong with new original characters.

However I’m mostly just excited that Ultimates will actually be possible. But until I see some solid certainty of what they got I admit it is a cautious excitment.


I want this guy in the game


nah. Better play some Tekken.


I hope so


I wonder when my question will be answered


I believe that season 4bshould focus more on the human side of monster/ magical characters like Gorgon Joanna dark etc

Those ‘bummed’ by shadow orchid must not underestimate the power of the vote.
Why grunt so loudly when she clearly won.

*I *didn’t even choose shadow orchid over Joanna, but shorchid won. More voices spoke to that.
Chances are, you are thinking so hard about shadow jago it’s hard to remember how original IG can make character to character unique and refreshing.

So, like a good many of you, I’ll go on record to say I can’t see a shark man being any different than the quirky toad from season 3. But, should it come to pass, I’m not going to shout from the mountains that the earth is doomed for its inclusion.

I’m very intrigued by the possibility of any additions to the roster and the rumor of costume packs issued throughout the new year!!!


Man, I would love to see some more awesome looking monsters in KI. Anything from messed up abominations to the Sharkman.

Wouldn’t mind it if Joanna Dark got into the game. As long as she was voiced by Eveline Fischer again. She has done heaps for Rare back in the day. I’m sure she would love to be immortalized once again as Perfect Dark.

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Let’s get sharkguy in this game and more monsters


Every time I read and hear myself say Shorchid, I throw up a little. Then when I think she may actually become a thing, I die a little inside too…



what about sharkman?

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Oh, I like Sharkman. There are too many pop culture references to not have him - Jaws, Street Sharks, King Shark from DC Comics, Sharknado, Atlantis from general mythology, and so on…


I must be weird, because while I figured Shorchid got top pick I’m not anywhere near as bummed…

I need to say though; this whole thing has been about nothing but Shorchid? can we talk about some of the other cool stuff that got voted?

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COSTUMES and accessories yesssssssss

Not just masks!

Also the PD changes

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