11.30.17 KI Update

So KI got an update today, and it seems that the big thing with Rash’s glitch seems to have been addressed. I cannot perform the glitch in training mode any longer, but haven’t been able to test it in a live game. Anyone else can confirm this, or any other changes made?

I ask because the staff is usually good about notes of some sort with patches and updates, unless the notes are forthcoming? @rukizzel


Probably just bug fixes. Nothing else is coming for the game.

There was a patch? Would love to see patch notes, even if it’s just a small bug fix.

If the Rash bug was fixed, that’s actually pretty cool.

Official patch notes:

  • Game now crashes on Microsoft intro cutscene

Set the date back to November 30th to get the game to work. only fix at the moment

I was physically unable to play KI until I did the patch. After the patch though KI worked fine. I haven’t played it today though.

I updated last night game worked fine. Got up this morning rank ladderboard is reset like normal. Played one match against a killer. Stepped away for a min, came back and went into ranked and I got a message saying I’ve been reset into gold for inactivity. Which is weird since I play daily. Not the biggest of deals just annoying since I’ve heard the gold grind is mush tougher since I was in that tier at the beginning of S3. Cheers!

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I’ll note this in the bug thread later as well, but wanted to add onto the Ranked issues that seem to be occuring. I will note, as of now, i do not have the issue of KI crashing at the MS logo screen. Playing from a console.

When i started KI (after playing a few games earlier in the afternoon on 11.30.17) the game notified me of a pending demotion from Killer to Gold for inactivity. To quote the screen, “RANKED LEAGUE RESETS IN 1 DAYS! You will be demoted from Killer to Gold if you don’t play at least one ranked match before the reset!”

Upon loading up into the Ranked menu, I was shown that i had not played any Ranked matches in the prior month and my record was 0-0. Sure, KI… It also noted that at around 9:30am EST that there was 1 minute left before the ranked reset in the upper right corner.

So i went ahead and played a ranked match, won it, and appropriately my record was 1-0.

I closed KI and reopened it, and went back to Ranked. This time, it showed i had been placed into Gold with a record of 0-0 with, interestingly, 1 minute left before the ranked reset.

So for curiosity’s sake, i went and checked the current ranked leaderboards. Since i’m now a Gold, i should have no presence on the leaderboards since they only track Killers. But i AM tracked on the leaderboards as a Killer. The one win i earned is there.

So KI has some kind of, i dunno, confusion about itself? Even when you requalify, i’m fairly certain that once you do that, the leaderboards stop tracking your progress as a Killer. I’ve currently got dual progress as both a Killer and a Gold. That, and even as i’m typing this at around 10:30am EST, the ranked menu is still saying that there is 1 minute left until the ranked reset. My guess is that from my experience, KI is partly trying to reset to the new month, but is enacting the inactivity rules at the same time? I dunno, i just play games, i’m no programmer…

This is reminding me of a similar glitch in KI regarding being Killer but dropped into Gold. @SoSRaGnArOk, @STORM179, i believe you guys either had it happen or know of it. But basically, the game could say that you were a Gold even though you were truly a Killer rank, but by just resetting the game and the Xbox, that seemed to clear up the issue. Something to that degree? If that’s the case, i probably locked myself into Gold by playing a match as a Gold, which isn’t the end of the world.

When it happened to me the fix was “stay the heck out of Ranked” until your card said “Killer” again. Playing a match as a Gold reset your actual rank to Gold, whereas if you waited until you were returned to Killer your previous status was retained.

I haven’t tried console yet, but on the Steam version the game just crashes out. I played a bunch of matches just after it updated, but after closing KI it won’t start for anything. Just dies as the Microsoft Studios logo gets painted. Restarting (both PC and Steam) does nothing to fix it, so will have to wait for a hotfix I imagine. Which kinda sucks, as I’ve been enjoying the extra convenience of playing on PC. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Maybe ranked issues are present because they are tinkering something with ranked crossplay? Wishful thinking.

Someone made 200.000 ranked points in about 10 fights last month.

My money is that they are fixing a huge points exploit, and they just “erased” last month leaderboards just in case more people were using it

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So the 4k patch causes dropped frames and the follow up patch causes game crashes and breaks ranked? I know IG didn’t work on the previous patch but did they work on this new one? Because if not then bring back IG!!

I logged into KI. Started in Killer, lost one match to a lag switcher and was sent to Gold. The grind is stupid slow with barely getting any points for wins, even against Killers…

Thanks IG. NOT A FAN. :(:disappointed_relieved:

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yeah I logged in before work, and was met with the same fate… stinks. I don’t mind if they tweak this, but right now it seems messed up. Hopefully this is a temporary glitch

Started in Killer… lost one match, was sent to Gold. Worked my way up to Killer, met a cheater and lost, went right back to Gold. Was so mad I uninstalled KI. Ugh this junk stinks.

Guys, Geese got released, just sayin`.

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nah, Venom in MVCi next week, is bigger news :)_

who plays this crap lol

I haven’t had any issues with Ranked myself, so at least we know that it’s not everywhere. Though I did get a warning that I would be reset if I didn’t play before the reset. Which is weird, since so do make it a habit to hop on every now and again to keep that sexy Killer fight card.

This fits the pattern, in my mind, of fixing one thing by breaking two others. Wiping the results from last month would also offer a potential explanation of why people are being dropped into gold - the record of playing in ranked last month is getting confused.

I’m afraid to turn the thing in at this point. I know these things happen, but it takes the joy out of an unexpected patch when they break the game. And it’s probably not great to aggravate a declining player base and convince them to pursue other games…

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