1080p on Scorpio?

So since this game is confirmed to be running at 4k 60 fps on Xbone X, is it safe to assume that it will be 1080p native on a 1080p tv? Not everyone has a 4k TV, but some of the basic 1080 updates I’m hearing about sound good too. Gears 4 supposedly looks way better even in 1080p on the Scorpio.

They mentioned briefly about something called super sampling at the press conference. Not sure how it works but apparently it brings the best out of 1080p, so id assume your answer is yes as well.

If you have a 1080p tv the game will run at 4K, but the console will display it in 1080p. It will still look better than if the game was running at 1080p because the display is pulling information from a higher quality source than what it actually needs to display. It should be a pretty decent upgrade for KI since it currently only runs at 900p on console, but for games that are already 1080p I personally think it’s one of those “hard to notice but still noticeable” upgrades.