1080p 60fps!

Hi all in the latest live stream from IG at around the 25 minute mark while riptor and TJ is fighting he saying the current build is 1080p60 is this correct and did anyone else hear him saying that.

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Can you post a link? The 2 most recent videos I know of don’t have a Riptor vs TJ match at or around 25min.

It’s the latest video on the killer instinct YouTube channel call “season 3 friendly exhibition”

Sorry dude around 1:25 into the video my mistake.

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oh cool its 900 60 fps atm… i dont think they will bump it up…

1:24.28 roughly I narrowed it down as best as I can.

Yes he says, “This is the same build we showed on Sunday. We are running at…(he fumbles his words here then says) full 1080p 60fps.”

I thought I heard him right and he fumbles his words so maybe he wasn’t meant to say anything yet and it slipped out.

Xbox specs can’t actually peak at 1080p, many devs saying that were lying per MS’s request as any in-game footage was captured from PC.

The power of the cloud, cannot physically alter the components inside the console and allow it to run at higher resolutions it wasn’t able to before, unless their bundled consoles have upgraded hardware, which it did in the Gears bundle. But to my knowledge it didn’t upgrade the GPU just the processor.

Who knows though…

Forza 5&6 are 1080p! And so are mnay more so why can’t the XB1 do 1080p?

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Oh god, please have mercy on this soul

Forza 5&6 are 1080p! And so are mnay more so why can’t the XB1 do 1080p?

Not only 1080p but also stable 60fps


Hm, didn’t know that. Just saw that there were other titles that reached 1080 also.

In that case, cool. Also just saw a trend here…

S1: 720p 60 fps
S2: 900p 60 fps
Were there really 60fps? I don’t believe this article. it certainly doesn’t feel like that is the fps I am getting while in-game.
S3: 1080p 60 fps?

When I saw this I thought,

Lol, I got bodied. :joy:

Well I imagine the PC version will be able to run at 1080p 60fps. There’s no reason that it shouldn’t.

This I really have to agree with you, even the devs states the gameplay engine is running way above it which is the case why netcode is silk smooth. The flow many times looks like it dropped some frames too, so, in this case I blame models movement?

Well, that’s the thing - if I capture the gameplay with my Elgato I will get 60 fps and I can certainly see the difference. But, otherwise I don’t see it in-game. Not sure why or if it’s just one of the benefits of an Elgato.

I’m hoping that was meant to be sarcastic.

Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t. You will never know :smiling_imp:

Oh are you talking about me on the stream yesterday? Easy clarification - I was mentioning the stream was running at 1080p, 60 fps. As opposed to other streams we have done which have been at 720p due to hardware limitations.

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So, still 900p 60fps? Not that I’m complaining, the game looks amazing with the lighting upgrade. Not like I could tell the difference between 180 pixels a few feet away from my TV anyway.

Thanks for the clarification. The audio from the game was a little loud to make anything definitive out except what I typed above.

No worries. It was a struggle trying to balance game, fights sticks, and up to 8 rowdy folks with varying loudness levels. Hopefully most of it worked out.