100% Combo Break as Thunder

Hey all,

I’m slowly working through unlocking all the endings in Season 1 Story Mode, and I’m confused with getting 100% Combo Breaker percentage as Thunder.

I tried last night, and I’m only playing on Beginner to try and knock things out easily. Basically I’ll power through the opponent until they’re nearly out of their second life bar. I then let them start a combo on me, break it (it’s almost always Heavy attacks on Beginner) and then defeat them.

Yet my percentage is always at 25%, or 50% at best, and I don’t understand why. I’m obviously missing something.

Does getting thrown reduce this percentage, 'cause that happened a few times? Can someone explain the mechanic to me?

I thought you had to break 4 combos to make it 100% I may be wrong though. I’m pretty sure I read that you had to break at least 4 combos.

I’ll give that a try soon.