100% Achievement Completion Thread

I’m almost there, I just can’t seem to get the one for getting a Perfect Guardian. Not sure how to do it…

One of each type of a guardian. “Like the snake”. Common, Rare, Epic, Killer, and crimson.

Well, as an update, I now have all master achievements. I now only have the Friendly achievements for 23 different characters and that is it. So close to the finish line.

Nice. Keep going. I assume you have a friend that will help you get those achievements? If not I will help you. For a long time that was the hardest achievement for me to get “until I got a 2nd Xbox :grin:

I’m going to hold off until the final new character is in play. Once they are in play, I’ll work at the Friendly achievements all at once.

If what IG said on twitter today holds, we won’t have that long a wait till that point either.

If you change your mind just send me a PM and we can work out a time if you need the help.

I’m looking for someone to quickly help me out with the Friendly achievements sometime this week if you can. I have at least 24 of these to get, and they are the final achievements I have left to get 100% completion on.

Anyone who would be willing to help, I’d appreciate it. Just let me know.


Nevermind, I got all the achievements now. I managed to get a local friend to help me out with them. I now have 100% achievement score in KI.


Good for you. I was justice checking back to see if you found someone. Those friend ones are a pain. The friend part is not hard. Finding a friend that will let you win several matches in a row is hard.

Man,been trying for that killer one. At the game gets older thinking I’ll enver get it.

The only achievements I have left are ranked achievements for characters I don’t really like playing as much. Though I may go back and get them at some point it would probably come down to choosing between them and my Killer title card

I’ve never had 100% due to shadow lords. Got really close. :frowning: